A Cheater’s Just Desserts

What would you do if you found out your woman or man was cheating on you? Would you bust the windows out of their car? Maybe throw a brick at their head? Trash their house? Well, one Florida woman decided ice cream would get the job done. Yep, Rocky Road will never be the same. Nurse Dawn Elaine Barran caught her husband with his alleged girlfriend at a local Walgreens. She then proceed to follow the couple out of the store as they tried to get away, getting a punch in on her husband and hitting him with her keys. But no, that’s not all she did. Dawn decided she needed to do something more drastic and hit her husband over the head with the ice cream he had just purchased in the store. WTH?!

One thing that’s interesting to note is that the article didn’t point out is how large this container of ice cream was. If it was a pint, no major damage. But if it was a half-gallon of Blue Bell???? Eh, that could actually make you dizzy for a second with the right force behind it. However, I also wonder if Dawn and her husband actually separated at the time of the “ice cream attack”. I just don’t get why the husband would be out with his so-called girlfriend at Walgreens if he was cheating and things appeared to going well with his wife. It just doesn’t add up. Maybe they were separated and she’s just mad that he has moved on so quickly without finalizing the divorce. Who knows? And of all things, why attack somebody with ice cream??? Really??? I’m sure Dawn’s husband is counting his lucky stars right now that she didn’t grab a more blunt object in the store to hit him with.

But Dawn didn’t get away with this butter scotch free. She was charged with a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. The husband suffered minimal injuries (just scratches). I wonder if Dawn went home and ate that ice cream after her fit of rage? LOL. In all serious, cheating is an unfortunate situation for all parties involved. But I think we can all agree there have been far worse (and less humorous) cases of violence as a result of infidelity.

Do you think Dawn was out of line for her actions or did she give her husband his “just desserts”? And does anybody else find it odd that the girlfriend managed to get away with not even a mint chocolate chip thrown at her? Or maybe they just missed that part in the report.

2 thoughts on “A Cheater’s Just Desserts

  1. Lmbo!!!!!!!!! I hollered at the end of this!!! Can’t really judge Dawn’s actions…but knowing how I feel about sweets…I would NOT have used icecream as my weapon! LOL!

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