Street Sweepers (Take Care of Home)

I recently got my cable cut off and at first I dreaded it. I have a lot of DVDs to watch whenever I want, but the luxury of cable TV just seems like a necessity. The funny thing is I hardly ever turn on my TV now when I get home (usually busy, too tired or listening to music).  Plus, I somehow still have some of my cable channels that I used to frequently watch anyway. Part of the reason I don’t watch TV is because of the flood of reality TV shows. Most of the people on there are fighting with each other, talking behind other people’s backs and causing unnecessary drama.

But, sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in this same scenario, if we’re not careful. People can’t wait to spread some news about other people that may be embarrassing or hurtful. I admit that I have talked about a couple of things I probably shouldn’t have for the sake of “good fun and laughs”. But was it right? No. Often times, I have found that people who constantly put down other people are trying to mask something in their own lives. It pretty much all boils down to an insecurity of some kind on their end. If I had a name for them, I would call these people “Street Sweepers”. A “street sweeper” is someone who can tell you what’s wrong with everything and everyone in the world, but can’t shed that same light on their own lives. Just as the saying goes, we should all try to sweep around our own front porch before worrying about someone else. Get out the street and pay attention to your own driveway. 

Some things I just don’t want to know. I would rather be ignorant to certain aspects of life. If I don’t know, then I can’t even comment on it or make any judgments because I don’t know the situation. I’ve gotten to the point with some people that I will stop them before they start talking about someone. You have to be careful of this because if they talk about someone you love, then your feelings may be hurt for that person or you may be mad at them (depending on the situation). But you can’t react to what you don’t know.

I also think some people just have too much time on their hands. I personally have too many things to be concerned about, work on, etc, that I don’t have time to focus on somebody else. If I love you, I am ultimately concerned for your wellbeing, but I don’t need (or want) to know where someone is falling short in their life just for the sake of gossip. I don’t understand that. If we’re willing to talk about someone and their situation, we should be willing to help them or tell them to their face as well. People will say, “Oh their clothes look so raggedy,” but won’t be the one taking them to buy any new clothes. Let’s face it, this is not how most people operate.

Do you know any street sweepers? How do you feel about other people spilling someone’s business to you? Would you listen up to a certain point or stop it before it gets going?

6 thoughts on “Street Sweepers (Take Care of Home)

  1. Love this post…Reminds me of the scriptures in Luke 6:42 and Matthew 7:3-5 “Take the plank out of your eye before you try to take the speck out of someone else’s”…People are so quick to judge, talk about someone, or “spill tea” as we say in New Orleans, before knowing the whole situation. Staying focused on Christ can combat some of that foolishness. If we are keeping our mind on Him and listening for his voice, we wont have an ear available to listen to mess. If we realize that the our words have power, then we wont waste them on tearing others down, but we will use our words to pray for them and edify them…And to give him praise for the answering or prayers

    • Exactly! I totally agree and like you said people are just talking on part of a situation, not knowing the whole thing. Staying focused on Christ will stop a lot of that from even happening. Thanks for checking out the post!

  2. The gossip that is spread by others almost always serves as “comfort food” for the bad situation(s) and/or ‘no situations’ they have going on in their own world. It is for that moment that the gossiper gets to feel like “Even I don’t have this type of thing going on…!” But, the feeling of superiority for having spread the “dirty laundry” will only last as long as it takes to reach its awe-struck listener! Once it has been put out into the universe, the gossiper now needs a ‘re-fueling’ if you will… thus, fresh, additional news to spread is needed in order to maintain this faux sense of superiority. In other cases, the “street sweepers” do it in hope that they will have some news that will make a desired party think that they are worthy of being their friend, simply because they are lonely and have no real connections with anyone. In either case, the motive and/or the desired result still leaves an empty shell!

    Great blog, Carlos!! I love the name “Street Sweepers”!

    • Yes, I totally agree with you! I think people do have that superiority feeling when it comes to talking about other people. And yes, they do see it as comfort food to hide their own mess! Thanks for checking out the blog and glad you like the name too!!

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