Emeli Sande’s Version of Events

If Adele and Chrisette Michele were to have a love child, it would come out sounding just like Scottish singer Emeli Sande. Ironically, her full birth name is actually Adele Emeli Sande. However, at just 25 years old, Emeli proves she can hold her on….and hold it extremely well. And it was probably a smart move to drop her first name to not get constant comparisons between the two. This Scottish singer is not quite R & B, but not quite soul, pop, rock or funk either. She’s an eclectic mix of all of the above.

Lately, I’ve really been interested in finding some new music that has a fresh sound and not so overly produced. Whatever happened to people with just raw talent? Don’t get me wrong there is room for the pop/techno tinged songs at times (Rihanna, Usher, etc), but sometimes you just want to hear some good music with no frills.  I’ve been hearing positive things here and there about Emeli Sande for the past few months, but I had never heard her music. So when I was browsing through iTunes, I found her CD listed and decided to preview some of the tracks. After enjoying all of the first 5 tracks I previewed, I decided to purchase Our Version of Events. There’s a certain maturity to her voice that is unexpected from someone only 25 years old.

On “Clown” (my favorite track on the CD), she sings over practically no music, except for a piano. I can’t quite tell if she’s talking about a romantic relationship or not, but she’s speaking about willingly playing the fool and being laughed at. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this track, since we’ve all played the fool to someone or something in our life.  “Maybe” is another track about giving love one last try or letting go. It’s raw honesty is familiar, yet original. I love this song too and this is another one of my favorites. I could see this and “Clown” being radio singles. “Breaking the Law” is a very interesting track lyrically that states “I’ll never stop/Breaking the law for you/I’ll never stop/Helping to pull you through”. It’s rebellious and pure all in the same breath.

I have a feeling Emeli Sande will be around for quite a long time. The UK is already loving her (Our Version of Events has already reached #1 there) and soon the US will be too. But besides writing her own songs, Emeli Sande is an accomplished songwriter as well for other artists including Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle. You should check out her CD if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed.

6 thoughts on “Emeli Sande’s Version of Events

  1. I have this cd and I LOVE IT!!! People should not sleep on this one if they love great music…my favorites are “Maybe” and “Mountains”…

  2. The first sentence had me hooked already. Adele and Chrisette are faves of mine especially Chrisette so…sounds like I will have to buy this!!! Her voice is flawless!

  3. What a find! Emeli’s voice is beautiful, she delivers flawless vocals that are easy to listen to, and keeps your ears wanting more …I saw her in the Amazon music library and was definitely taken in…thanks for sharing this keeper! Hands UP!!

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