WTH?!…In 3D

I originally had one topic to write about, then it turned into 2 and finally 3 to choose from. So here it is…3 dimensions and 3 stories that will leaving you saying, “WTH?” What do you think of these situations?

Mayor Stubbs for President?

I’m still laughing at this, but in case you haven’t heard, Mayor Stubbs is celebrating his 15th year serving as Mayor for the city of Talkeetna, Alaska (which is actually a historical district). He’s the people’s champ and everyone in the 900 count populated city loves him. But Stubbs isn’t just any ole mayor….he’s a cat. Yep, that’s right. Stubbs was voted in 15 years ago after the city rejected all of the human candidates on the ballot. WTH? A cat for mayor…I’m sure they do love him. He doesn’t talk back or cost the city any money. And if he does have a salary, I’ll gladly be his manager.  Resident, Laurie Stec told CNN, “He doesn’t raise our taxes – we have no sales tax. He doesn’t interfere with business..” Right….I’m sure he doesn’t. And get this, Mayor Stubbs won’t be caught drinking his milk or water out of a food pale. Nope, he drinks straight out of a wine glass. If only life were this sweet 24/7 for the rest of the world…

You’ve Just Been Served…Child Support

A Tennessee woman named Torry Hansen sent her 7-year-old son, Artyom Saveliev on a plane to Moscow by himself. You may be wondering why she sent her son on a plane by himself at such a young age. Was it to see a family member? School trip?  Or crazy accident? No, Torry had plans to get rid of her Russian adopted son. She claims that his behavior was out of control. He hit, screamed and spat at her on several occasions. I hate to hear people have been spat on. That’s one of the worst forms of disrespect to me. But I digress….it gets worse. Artyom also threatened to kill her and the Hansen family…and burn the house down. If this isn’t children of the corn, I don’t know what is. But to top it all off, Torry Hansen was just ordered to pay $150,000 in child support (reported on Monday). Apparently, she missed several court appearances which played a large part in her having to pay child support. Do you think she should have to pay or not?

On Pins and Needles

Stephen Stein, a Colorado oral surgeon, is probably on pins and needles right now. It’s one thing to catch diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B or C by your own actions, but what happens when it was absolutely due to no fault of your own? Over a 10 year span, Stephen Stein could have potentially infecting over 8,000 people to these diseases. He was misusing syringes, which could easily spread various kinds of diseases. Many of the patients are being tested now. The department of health has had this information since April, but it is just now reaching the public. The department of regulatory agencies put a stop to his practice even before this information was found out. Thankfully, there have been no confirmed cases of diseases from his patients. WTH?! All he had to do was use clean needles! Just a basic requirement that has been ignored…

9 thoughts on “WTH?!…In 3D

  1. You are such a great and creative writer!!! This blog had me saying WTH the whole time!!! LMBO! Whyyyyyy a cat? Really Alaska! What kind of stuff are these people on! How do you survive and govern yourselves with a cat! There has to be someone human in charge I know! There is no way this town/city is thriving by a 4-legged animal!

    Now this mother who put the little boy on the plane…you are lying to me! First, she must not know about an old-school/new-school butt whoopin! A 7yr. old with a threat is just that a threat! COULD NOT and WOULD NOT have been a child of mine! I would have sent him somewhere alright! LOL!

    Lastly, this doctor, I just wonder why and how he got away for soooooooo long using dirty needles and syringes! Out of control! Surely, I would have a lawsuit and get paid for real!!!

    Again, great post Carlos! Keep writing! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the great compliment Regina! LOL, yes I thought the same thing about Mayor Stubbs! What laws is he really dealing with??? LMAO! Yes, on the Russian boy, that whoopin would have solved a lot of that. Couldn’t have been my child either! Right, on the doctor I don’t get that either….10 years is way too long for something like that to go on. Thanks again and glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. Hey Los,

    This is a great post bro….. WTH isn’t even the word… These are more WTF? moments…. A cat as a Mayor, unbelievable… But hey Sarah Palin came from Alaska, go figure…. Mayor Studs for President, and Sarah Palin for Vice… Both jokes…

    In regards to the kid, I’m with Regina, he just needs a good ole fashion “beat down”. Not being racial, but it’s obvious this was a home of a liter persuasion, cause in a African American home, Child Support wouldn’t be what the mother would be charged with, it would have been murder or abuse….

    And glad you left the Doctor last, cause that tops it all….. Doc, needs the same beating as “Damian” (Lil Russian). How you going to use nasty utensils SMGDH. Great post, keep up the great work, and thanks for the laughs and upset…

    I need anger management, all these have set me off…..

    • LMAO!! This response has me cracking up over here! Not that he should be President and Sarah Palin should be Vice…that would be a world of trouble! Right, on the adoption story, he needs a beat down for real. And I agree that this would have played out differently in an African American home! Not Damian “Lil Russian”! LOL! I couldn’t believe he did that either. Thanks and so glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. These are indeed 3 wild stories!! The cat is a publicity stunt…I hope!! The child needs a “come to Jesus” meeting and the doctor needs his teeth repaired by his should-be-fellow-inmates!! This solves it all!! Great script, WM!!

    • Yes, I hope the cat is a publicity stunt too!! That is hilarious about the dentist and his should-be-fellow-inmates! I can’t believe anyone would do something like that. Thank you for leaving your thoughts!!!

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