Get Over Yourself

I’m sure that we all know people who know how to turn any situation into one that relates to them. If you say your back hurts, they’re foot has been hurting for weeks. If you compliment someone on their car, they’ll say they just traded the exact same one in. You’re the student in the class, but they created the syllabus. LOL. Really??? People like this really irk me and just flat out get on my nerves. Life happens to all of us whether good, bad, mediocre or fantastic. But do you ever feel like you can’t have a bad day, tooth ache, or difficult situation without someone try to one up your dilemma? I’m sure you do…

Don’t get me wrong. It’s easy to get caught up in your own issues, worries and concerns. After all, nobody feels them like you do and you have the right to your own feelings. However, it’s interesting how when we focus only ourselves we tend to make our situations even worse. If you’re in pain, and all you can think of is how much pain you’re in, then more than likely you will prolong your pain more than it should be. The same goes with only thinking of ourselves. Haven’t you noticed that when you focus on uplifting someone else in their problems (without being a crutch…that’s never good), you tend to forget about your own? And even if you don’t forget about your problems, they do seem to lessen.

Then there are times that we may only focus on ourselves, and forget the blessings that divine connections can bring. I served on a committee for an event at work, and never would have guessed in a million years that one of the committee members would be my current boss. No job is just a job. No friendship is just for hanging out. No successful or even failed romantic relationship is in vain . There’s a lesson to be learned from all of it. And chances are, everyone you’re involved with in those situations learns as well. Our eyes just have to be open to receive the lesson.

Let’s all try not to be so concerned with ourselves that we miss the mark of what’s going on with other people…..or better yet, even ourselves.

14 thoughts on “Get Over Yourself

  1. “You’re the student in then class, but they created then syllabus.” That made me LOL early this morning! I just love your writing! It is addictive, if that is safe to say. This post was very thought provoking and a great reminder as well to basically tell ourselves to “have a seat”! LOL!

  2. Excellent post. It takes a mature person to ignore that instinct to make everything about yourself instead of focusing on others. In particular I liked the part where you mention that no relationship/connection is in vain. This hit home for me. When a relationship goes bad we tend to get down on ourselves and in all actuality thats kind of selfish… Good stuff overall. I’m gonna share this.

  3. LOL. So easy to get caught up. Sometimes I do it. I guess sometimes it’s to lessen the other person’s pains.

  4. Preach, Rev. Sylvester Duckens!!! He always says, “Even if you don’t feel like it, do a good deed and the ‘good’ feeling will follow”!! Well said, my man!! So far as the person that always has to make every conversation / topic about their situation… we definitely know someone that is near and dear to us that needs a copy of this blog!! The question then would be, would they recognize themselves? Probably not! Great writing, ‘Word Master’!

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