The Seduction of the “P” Word

It has been known to seduce. It has been known to divide. It comforts and heals. It conquers all feelings of honesty and creates jealousy. It kills and then blames you for the act. It eats away at your soul and lies at the root of all vanity….and disaster. It’s the subtle warning before you see the flashing lights coming towards you. You won’t see it on my sleeve. You won’t always see it on their face. What is this dangerous P word? PRIDE!

I’ve been thinking lately about how pride hinders us (including myself) in so many ways. It tarnishes our relationships, friendships, and even our health. What is it about pride that is so attractive that we must hold on to it for dear life? I know I have been guilty of this before. Whether it’s being sick and trying to be a man about it and just making myself worse (I prefer to just be left alone when I feel sick) or being ashamed to admit that an unexpected expense causes me to need extra cash, I’ve done it. And don’t you find it strange that even after we think we’ve learned the lesson from those prideful moments, we still fall into the same traps?

If you really think about it, we exhibit at least one (if not multiple forms) of pride every day. Let’s start with getting your clothes ready for work. Do you pick out that certain outfit on the meeting day with your big execs because you don’t care how you look (probably not good, lol), you genuinely want to look your best or you want to impress those execs? Chances are, your answer is one of or a mix of the last 2 choices. Then let’s take that dream car you can’t keep your eyes off of. Is it a Bentley, Lexus, Maserati, or Mercedes? You may genuinely like these cars and if so that’s how it should be. But how much do the desires behind our dream cars and houses really cater to what other people think, leaving what we want in the dark? Suppose someone’s dream car is a Kia (highly unlikely). They probably wouldn’t admit this too much, because it’s not a status symbol.

Don’t get me wrong, we should take enough pride in ourselves to look presentable, be confident, and know our own self-worth. But just like there’s a thin line between love and hate, there’s probably an even finer line between unhealthy and healthy pride (if there is such a thing).  Just like some of the foods we eat, we have to use pride sparingly, because it’s never good to be too prideful. No matter who you are, you will need forgiveness, a helping hand, or understanding at some point in your life. And if it hasn’t happened to you yet, your turn is coming.

What are your thoughts on pride? Should we only possess a little of it or avoid this “P” word altogether?

11 thoughts on “The Seduction of the “P” Word

  1. THIS hit home!!!!!!!!!! Omgeeeee! I am one to do things on my own, and asking for help is very rare. Pride is a killer! Deathly! Harmful!!! I believe there is a distinction of the two…healthy pride and unhealthy pride. However, when taking pride in yourself, something you do, or something you have, it is important to be highly humble at all times, at all costs. No matter what no one has”arrived”…remaining humble throughout is vital. If not, there is a horse to throw you off of and the fall waiting for you.

    • Yes, I definitely agree! Believe me, I’m working on it too and I’m very independent as well. There is a distinction of the two in my opinion too. You’re right no one has arrived, no matter how perfect we think we are. Thanks for checking out the post!

  2. Intriguing…. you got me hooked in the first few sentences.

    Regarding pride, well I know of nothing of the sort 🙂

  3. I like your title…such a twist. 🙂 Guilty, Guilty, and some more Guilty!! LOL In the past, I have allowed pride to get in the way instead of removing my pride and the situation could have turned out so different. I still struggle at times but not as much. I think it’s good to have pride on some things like your family heritage for example. I just think it depends on what and how much pride you allow something to have is where the problem begins. It’s a thin line between pride and arrogance. Great Blog!

  4. Well… I take much pride in enjoying your writings and how you do what you do so well!!! If this pride makes me guilty, then sentence me to “Life, without the possibility of parole!”

    Great article, great opening statement! And yes, too much pride (of any oither type, other than the good kind, like mine!) Is definitely destructive, in its progression and/or execution.

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