Say What??? The Golden Make Believe

Lately I’ve been searching for new music that has a fresh style that’s not really out right now. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy some of today’s popular and mainstream music, but I also like to listen to music most people may not initially try out. Speaking of popular music, my first time hearing Santigold was on Drake’s song “unstoppable”, which also features Lil Wayne. This song has been on my iPod for a long time and I because really interested in who the girl was singing the hook on the song.

If you remember the song,  “Paper Planes” by MIA (also featured in the movie Slumdog Millionaire), then you have a taste of what Santigold sounds like. I found Santigold’s new CD, Master of My Make Believe on iTunes recently. It was only $7.99, and I liked several of the songs I previewed from the CD, so I decided to buy it. And I’m glad I did. Although some of the productions and lyrics are a little out there, I can respect that at least she’s coming with something different and refreshing to the table. Master of My Make Believe‘s first track, “Go!” featuring Karen O, is a highly addictive song that makes you feel like you’re inside a Legend of Zelda video game.  This song is extremely catchy and very upbeat. Another interesting song on the CD is “The Keepers”. And if you thought the song was a little different from what you’re used to, check out the video below

Santigold is an artist who is an eclectic mix of many elements: some pop, some Reggae, some dance and some conscious. Only 2 CD’s in, she already has a confidence of a veteran artist. “Disparate Youth” is an inspirational track that’s one of the stand outs on the CD. It’s quite comical and interesting when Santigold reveals part of her raunchy side on the tracks “Freak Like Me” (I could easily hear Gwen Stefani on this track) and “Look At These H%$&”.  However, “Freak Like Me” has a concept that’s a little different from what its title suggests. In one the verses, she says, “You want you never stop/You need the money/You look good in Photoshop/Sunny”.

For anyone that’s looking for some thought-provoking music with interesting production, you should definitely check out Santigold’s Master of My Make Believe. Also, make sure to check out the video at the opening of the post, where I’m discussing song lyrics and what they really mean, including a track from today’s review of Santigold.

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