Today Is National Go Topless Day

***So when you woke up this morning, I’m sure you weren’t thinking today is a holiday. And you’d be right, because it’s not but something very interesting is happening today. It’s GO TOPLESS DAY! This is the fifth annual Go Topless holiday and it just so happens to fall on Women’s Equality Day this year. The rally will take place right outside the White House in Washington, DC. Participants are able to go fully topless, partially topless or fully clothed. Although it is legal to go topless in New York City, you may want to check for your city’s guidelines before the tops come off. Check out the original post (posted on August 1, 2012, below).***

Vote Topless!

There’s been a lot going in New York City. First Mayor Bloomberg was trying to ban sodas larger than 16 ounces and now the tops are coming all the way off….

You may have heard of the Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies. But Moira Johnston is putting a new spin on the term. She’s a 29-year-old Philadelphia native and a stripper that lives in New York City. But wait, don’t turn your nose up at her just yet. After all, no one should be surprised to hear of a woman using music and a pole as part of her workplace atmosphere in this day and age. But to top it off, or rather take the top off of it, Moira Johnston walks around New York City in the daytime topless! Is she doing this to drum up additional clientele at night?!?! If so, let’s be real….who would really pay to see her at night when you can see almost all of what you want for free during the day? But no. This is not her intent. This bare naked lady is doing it all for a good cause. And her first time going topless was during a yoga class in January. She hasn’t looked back or kept clothes on since….LOL. WTH?!

Moira says she’s doing this for a little payback so to speak. She is tired of women being subjected to sexism. Since men can walk around with their shirts off, why can’t she? Although she’s not the first to walk around in public naked (Erykah Badu also did a similar expression of art in Dallas, TX for her “Window Seat” music video), she has definitely helped gain major momentum for her cause.  On August 26, women in 22 cities around the world will be participating in Go Topless Day (something Johnston will surely be participating in). Go Topless Day is a gathering of women standing up for equality with their tops off and the twist is that men can attend too. But they have to wear bras and bikini tops. It’s a role reversal of sorts so men can see how women are constantly being objectified in the media for sex.

I’m all for equality and I see Ms. Johnston’s point about women being treated right. But how seriously will people take this protest from a stripper? And again, doesn’t this topless protest cut into her nightly income? Why throw money to the performer when you can see the show for free? She was actually arrested by the police, but was “somehow” free to go after not being held long. Perhaps Moira Johnston felt that this was ok because it’s technically legal to go topless in New York. But even though it’s legal, does it make it right?

Is your vote for the top on or top off???

12 thoughts on “Today Is National Go Topless Day

  1. Top on… Ya’ll don’t want to see a bunch of women running around with their tops off. All the the men are coming to stare not support… All boobs are not perky and all stomachs are not flat… Isn’t she playing into the sexism part by being a stripper.. Not pass judgement I’m just saying.

  2. I’m all for public modesty by women and men. I want to see only one woman naked…in the privacy of our home.

  3. I vote to keep the top on!! This is no statement for the cause she supposedly states!! This is a statement for her personal satisfaction…whatever that may be!! I think this will ultimately have an adverse effect on her present as well as any other future careers! Think, lady! She could use this energy in so many other ‘real’ productive ways!

    • I agree, I don’t think this is really for any cause but for her own personal motives like you said. Yes, people really don’t think about their actions sometimes! Thanks for leaving your thoughts and insight!

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