No Guarantees (New Poem)

Here’s a poem that I wrote recently. My mind was heavy that day and this is what came out of my thoughts. Decided to share this one since I haven’t posted one in a while. Let me know what you think! 


No matter how hard

We try to hold on

There are no guarantees

Tomorrow you may awaken

And find yourself out of love with me

Today she may realize that

Beauty is fleeting

And that’s all that ever was

Next week he may realize

That sorry isn’t enough

When the opportunity to apologize

Is no longer an option

We move in robotic motion

Day in and day out

Depending on the clouds to

Shield the storms of life

And often times they do

But what happens when the

Rain cracks the sky

And the sun gives way to darkness

Will we survive?

I took for granted all the things

That appeared to be so stationary

That crutch of a wall

I heavily leaned on

And now the sheet rock is breaking

In a life filled with hollow guarantees

Who is still left standing

When trouble shakes our dreams?

8 thoughts on “No Guarantees (New Poem)

  1. Fantastic!! Bravo!! I also love the way that ‘time is shattered’ in the photo! How appropriate as you read the poem! I am only lacking the details as to why / how you were inspired to write this, yet another, indepth, soul-stirring piece of literary gold!! I must read it again, as I look for the answers! I LOVE “No Guarantees”! Please, do tell!

    • Thank you so much! It took forever for me to find that pic, lol. I was definitely inspired by a not so good situation that was going on recently and it spiraled into this! So glad that you love it and thanks for commenting!

  2. Highly profound….. source of contemplation this Sunday morning. Sad but true there are no guarantees BUT it is faith alone that bridges the doubt that that this life can create at certain intervals.

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