Bump It Or Dump It? Ladies Night…

Tweet: Day Dreaming

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new material from the Southern Hummingbird, Tweet. Her last CD, It’s Me Again, was released in 2005 and much has change in the music industry since then. But, if you thought that Tweet was going to look over her to her left and hang up her microphone, think again. She’s prepping for a new CD and has leaked several new tracks recently on what she calls #TweetTuesdays. No word yet on what the CD will be called, but one of the songs she has released is “Day Dreaming”. You may remember the original version of this song by Aretha Franklin. It’s scary sometimes when current artists remake classics, but Tweet pulls this one off extremely well. She adds her own touch while tastefully not altering much of the original version. I’m curious to see if this song will make the final cut on her album.

Beyonce: Dance For You

It’s rare that an artist releases a song that creates a buzz from a CD that’s over a year old. But if anyone can do this, leave it to Beyonce. Although I think she is overrated at times, you can’t deny her talent. Lifted from her 4 CD (one of her best in my opinion), Beyonce released “Dance For You” late last year as a bonus song and video on her concert DVD. I can see why this song wasn’t included on the CD, but it has a timeless energy about it. Maybe because she’s talking about a strip tease of sorts? Lol. But I could easily hear this played in the 90s and today as well. Nevertheless, the song has gained a lot of radio airplay recently and just may be another hit for her.

Mariah Carey Featuring Meek Mill and Rick Ross: Triumphant (Get Em)

MiMi, Mariah Carey, or whoever she wants to be called is back. She recently signed an $18 million contract with American Idol, but she still has an itch to make new music. I think she has one of the best (if not the best) female voices in R & B, but some of her music in the past few years has been hit or miss for me. Ironically, “Triumphant” didn’t seal any victories with my eardrums. There’s a little too much going on here (inspirational message, mismatched production, and awkward guest appearances). I think this song would have been better with just her and Rick Ross (whose latest CD is called God Forgives, I Don’t. Blank stare….really???) She also released a remix to the song on her website, but I’m not too fond of that version either.

Antonique Smith: Speechless 

Remember the girl who played Faith Evans in Notorious (the movie about slain rap star, The Notorious B.I.G.)? Well she’s making her debut into the music world now. She’s been dubbed to be the next big thing and a mix of Adele, Barbara Streisand, and Beyonce. Wow…what a mix of artists. I can’t say I dislike her first single “Speechless”, but I’m not head over heels about it either. The production of the song is interesting though and it has a relaxing vibe. We may not be seeing Antonique on the big screen any time soon, but I’m interested to see what kind of noise she’ll make on the music scene once her album drops.

2 thoughts on “Bump It Or Dump It? Ladies Night…

  1. I am inclined to agree with you on your accounts regarding these ladies; Mariah Carey’s new song is not so good! It is not the Mariah we all know and love…this just won’t do!! While the Antonique song “Speechless” is much better, but mainly due to her voice, and not so much the music / lyrics. But, Beyonce…she is simply electrifying! Good blog!

    • Yes, I thought the Mariah Carey song would grow on me by now, but it hasn’t at all. I’m interested to hear Antonique’s CD. She has a nice voice, and with the right song writers and production, I think she’ll do well. I really like the Beyonce song too.

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