Drake: First Name Greatest, Last Name Ever?

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Drake in the last couple of weeks. He recently made the following statement in an interview with The Jewish Chronicle: “There were people who incorporated melody before me but I would deem myself the first person to successfully rap and sing. Yes, there are aspects of it that are new in the rap world. But it’s not a gimmick. I just sort of exist and people embrace it. I’m one of the few artists who gets to be himself every day. It doesn’t take me six hours to get ready and I don’t have to wake up in the morning and remember to act like this or talk like this.” Before I go into my opinion about this, I will say that I am a fan of Drake….but he has really lost his mind. Just off the top of my head, I can think of several people who have very successfully pulled off rapping and singing. Lauryn Hill? Missy Elliott? Even Queen Latifah? I guess they’re irrelevant… I’ve honestly lost a lot of respect for Drake on this one. Check out the poll below and vote on who you think the best singer and rapper is. Is Drake really the greatest to ever do it?

But wait, that’s not it….he’s also in the news for possibly executive producing a posthumous CD from Aaliyah. Hmmmm….although I can easily see him being featured on Aaliyah song (check out their new song rumored to be on her upcoming CD below, “Enough Said”), but executive producing the whole project? Not that  having 2 tattoos of the late singer (one of her face on his back and one that represents his area code and her birthday) should question his ability to work on this project. I would love to hear some unreleased music from Aaliyah, but I’m just not sure Drake is the man for the job. Apparently, Timbaland doesn’t think so either. He stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club last week and said “I know they trying to drop some Aaliyah records, but if he do it, it should be with me and Missy. The proper way for him to do that would be for me, him and Missy to be all on the record.  But to put it on his record, would just not be right.” As cocky as it may sound, I definitely agree. Timbaland and Missy have crafted most of Aaliyah major hits, so why wouldn’t they be included? The world will never know the foolery Drake will pull next. Or is he just acting in his role as the greatest ever?

***New Track From Aaliyah and Drake, “Enough Said”*** FUTURE HIT OR MISS???

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