Blow Up and Slow Down

We’ve all experienced it before. That racing motorist that speeds through our residential districts and nearly clips our heels from just walking across the street. Some people don’t even care about huge speed bumps that tear up their cars….nope, they just keep going at a neck breaking speed. Are they drunk, crazy or just in too big of a hurry? Although it may be funny to joke about these reckless drivers, it’s no laughing matter when someone gets injured or they injure themselves. Lin Chen, a Ningbo (in Zhejiang province), China resident takes matters into her own hands (and mouth) to stop the fast and furious drivers in her neighborhood. How does she do it? Let’s just say she uses some very unconventional methods.

67-year-old Chen had been complaining to police about cars that speed through her neighborhood. But after failed attempts with no action from the police department, she enlists a little help from someone. Well, not a real someone but a blow up doll. Yep, she actually went to the store, purchased the doll and dressed it up in sexy lingerie to deter drivers from speeding through her neighborhood. Her thought process was that if she bought a sexy doll to tie up to a tree by the traffic lights, people would slow down. Surprisingly, it has worked. Although police state that they wouldn’t have thought of this method (who would? lol), they admit that the number of accidents have declined since Lin Chen and her blow up side kick have carried out their elaborate plan. Chen says that if people have something to look at, maybe they’ll slow down. And she was exactly right.

As hilarious (and clever) as this is, can you imagine Lin Chen walking into the store to buy this blow up doll? LOL. And did she buy the lingerie too or was that in her private collection? Plus, exactly how fed up do you have to get to reach this point??? But I do have one thought about this whole blow up fiasco. What happens when the people driving slow down…..and collide into each other? I guess it’s better than an impact at 60 plus mph, but still a potential crash nonetheless. And although it may shock drivers the first time, what happens when they catch on that they’re really looking at a blow up doll? They probably won’t slow down the next time….just a thought.

What do you think about Lin Chen’s tools to stop reckless driving in her neighborhood?

4 thoughts on “Blow Up and Slow Down

  1. This is creative Ms. Lin Chen. I was wondering the same thing while I was reading your piece. Are accidents occuring because people are slowing down and what happens when people catch on, it will lose its affect. Lin Chen very creative but i don’t think it should have made it this far. The police needs to step up their game and have officers in the area to hand out tickets that will send the message real fast. Good Blog!

  2. I think you have said it all…this is a good idea, but, only a temporary good idea! On a major street / road this could be a catastrophe, but on a neighborhood street, one that is not too busy, this may be a good “temporary” solution!

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