How Long Can You Last?

The lights are dim…flickering rapidly trying to come back on. Now what was once fighting for a chance is slowly losing momentum. The lights are beginning to flicker slowly now. They are a little dimmer. A surge of energy bursts through for a limited time and then BOOM! Everything is pitch black. But who turned the lights out?

Did you know that people can have power outages too? Yep, it may sound crazy, but just like a thunderstorm can knock the power out at your house, people can be power zapped as well. How do we get to this point? It may not be easy to detect at first, but many times we lose our power, mojo, energy, etc simply because we are unplugged. We are unplugged from God, positive thoughts, healthy relationships and eating habits, uplifting words, encouragement, and whatever else is created to grow us. But we are plugged into everything else in the world that gives us no substance. We talk to people who have negative spirits, watch pointless TV shows (Evelyn and Ochocinco’s recent domestic violence drama is all over the Internet and radio), and doubt our own dreams and abilities.

We all are equipped with our own individual battery life and some of us can last longer than others. So how long can you last being unplugged from your source of power? Just like some devices may last several days vs. a few hours without being charged, so can we. We may even get by for years, while our “battery life” slowly diminishes. But one thing is for sure, even at a stand still, we are definitely losing power if we’re not connected to the right source. When we finally gain our senses back will it be too late? Or will we be so drained that we barely have enough power to get back to the charger? Being plugged in to stress, unnecessary drama, and useless busy schedules means we’re unplugged from the things that will enhance us. We are not built to plug into two frames of mind at once for a long length of time.

Yesterday, I came across a very profound quote from business mogul and best-selling author, Farrah Gray, that read “If you are living your life without giving an “f”, you are living a li[ ]e”. I’m not sure if this is an original quote of his, but it makes perfect sense. Do you give an “f” enough to not live a lie? The choice is yours…… but how long can you last by not giving one?

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