Busta Rhymes Plays With Google

As one of the most celebrated hip hop artists in history, Busta Rhymes is back and he wants us all to put our hands where his eyes can see. Well, not exactly but he does want us to put our hands on Google Play tomorrow to download his free (yes, I said free) new CD, Year of the Dragon. Say what you will about Busta Rhymes, but he has had an extremely long string of hits throughout his career (Put Your Hand Where My Eyes Can See, Woo Hah! Got You All In Check, Dangerous, Gimme Some More, Touch It, etc). When I first heard he was signed to YMCMB (Cash Money) last November, I honestly thought it may be a wrong move. But considering the hype surrounding his new Google Play alum (released tomorrow), it may have been a better move than some of us thought. True, artists like Trey Songz, Lecrae, Rick Ross and Frank Ocean have all released free mixtapes through sites like www.datpiff.com. But Busta Rhymes is planning on making an even bigger splash with Google Play. I wonder how he will recoup the money spent from the project though. With all of the guest appearances and detailed cover art, I’m sure this CD wasn’t cheap to complete.

Has Busta Rhymes already reached his peak or is he still one of rap’s relevant artists? Will you be downloading The Year of the Dragon  tomorrow? Check out the throwback song of the week, “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”. This is one of the greatest Hip Hop songs and videos ever made in my opinion.

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