Funky Divas With Funky Attitudes

En Vogue’s Never Gonna Get It Right

Cindy. Maxine. Terry. Dawn. You may not know them all individually, but you definitely know them as a collective….1990s R & B group, En Vogue. They are one of the biggest female groups in history with hits like “Hold On”, “Don’t Let Go”, and “Never Gonna Get It”. In recent years, it seems like the group has never gotten it together long enough to reunite with all four original members. And in the past few weeks, things have really come to a head. The group’s lineup has changed over the years going back and forth between Dawn Robinson (lead singer) being in and out of the group. The remaining members enjoyed modest success as EV3, minus the presence of Dawn (who also enjoyed some success on her own as a member of Lucy Pearl- with Raphael Saadiq and Ali Shaheed Muhammad).

The group had seemed to put their differences aside, gearing up for a new reality show, a new CD and a reunion tour. Seemed like a smart move for a group that still has a large fan base…But that hasn’t lasted long. Member Maxine Jones recently learned that she has been kicked out of the group and being sued by Terry and Cindy. Not to mention, Dawn had already left again by this point. And just last week, Maxine and Dawn used Twitter as their venting platform, stating the following:

Maxine Jones ‏@MaxineJonesEV
Yup Terry n Cindy r evil! They took over the LLC n bank acct, forced me out, gave my gigs 2 that chick LOL, and SUING 

Maxine Jones ‏@MaxineJonesEV
Real arrogant bitches drunk with power lol! My lawyer and I look forward 2 court! We’re gonna catch it on our reality show 2 lol

Dawn Robinson ‏@dawnrobinson_
@MaxineJonesEV Dont worry about it Max lol! The truth about they’re asses had to come out sooner or later! Do NOT erase these messages lol!

And here’s a piece of what Cindy and Terry had to say about it all…

“….There are always two sides to a story and many internal facts that you the fans aren’t hearing about. In an effort to not air dirty laundry, or appear to point the finger at anyone, we respectfully choose to remain silent on the internal issues…..”

Who knows, this could all be fake and just a ploy for ratings for their new reality show. Do we really want to see En Vogue come back, especially if they’re acting like this? Time will tell, but for now they have plans of making two separate groups of “En Vogue” with new members…SMH

Check out a throwback from En Vogue, “Giving Him Something He Can Feel”. The song was previously recorded by Aretha Franklin for the Sparkle movie soundtrack. The group’s concept for the video was taken from the movie and the remake of it, starring Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks, hit theaters this past weekend.

Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown vs. Lil Kim???

During a recent concert in NYC, Nicki Minaj surprised her fans by bringing out one of rap music’s original bad girls, Foxy Brown. The crowd went wild as the two performed together and Nicki Minaj publicly gave Foxy Brown her props and referred to her as her idol (really???). Ironically, both of them have had beef with Lil Kim in the past. Could this really be nothing more than a staged alliance for a combined attack on Lil Kim? Who knows, but since Foxy Brown is somewhat of a has been now, she’s definitely getting the better end of the deal if this is the case. It’s great that Nicki Minaj is paying her due respects to those who came before her, but if that’s the case, shouldn’t she be really thanking Lil Kim (since she copies much of her style)? I’m just saying….

Bland Chance for Spice Girls Reunion

Remember how huge the Spice Girls were in the late 90s? I always thought Mel B and Victoria Beckham were cute, but other than that, I didn’t get the hype about them. They were literally an overnight success (getting on my nerves in the process, lol) and broke numerous records during their brief stint in the music industry. Then, all of a sudden, they just disbanded and focused on marriage, motherhood and solo careers. But after a well received closing performance at the Olympic games in London, there is buzz (mainly being spread by Mel B) that there will be a reunion tour, along with new music. But there’s one problem…Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham). Stating that family life and prior obligations have got her tied up, she says she has no plans for a reunion. But the show may go on without her and she may be left off the tour. Well, reunion tour or not, at least they have their own musical, Viva Forever (based on their hit songs) to look forward to in December of this year.

What’s the deal with women in music (especially girl groups)? And why can’t they all just get along?

2 thoughts on “Funky Divas With Funky Attitudes

  1. Meowwwww! Lol! I don’t know why people in general do not get along. Sad to see it and witness it, but it’s apart of life as we know it. We should really strive to support and help one another, but when selfishness and pride befriend us, we are blind to who we really are to be to one another. Just my $.02 🙂

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