Thirsty Thursday…Bottoms Up!

Ok, so the summer’s almost over and you barely missed the mark on getting that six pack you wanted or slimming down a couple of dress sizes for the pool party. But, there’s hope! When winter comes you can just wear sweaters and no one will know the difference, lol. But seriously, we still have a little bit of summer left, which means the heat will be here for a while. So that means we have to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Plus, it’s just good to stay hydrated and drink water all year round. But if you’re anything like me, you get tired of drinking water by itself, so here are a few alternatives I use that spice up your water intake routine.

Water with Cucumbers

I actually can’t take full credit for this one. One of my old managers told me about this concoction at a spa she used to frequently go to. All you do is get a gallon jug of water (if you can it’s great to drink close to or equal to a gallon of water a day. It’s an easy way to help lose weight), and cut up pieces of cucumbers in the water. Let it chill (preferably overnight) and drink it! It has a great, refreshing taste and it’s different from just plain ole water.  Plus, you may help fight off colds, as cucumbers contain Vitamin C, as well as potassium, and silica (a trace mineral that we need for healthy connective tissue).

Sobe Lifewater Mango Mandarin with Coconut Water

This water is really good when you’re looking for a quick single serve bottle of water to drink. It has a sweet flavor, but doesn’t taste like sugar water either. If you like mangoes, you’ll love this one. Plus coconut water has many health benefits, including aiding in weight loss, potassium (as much as a banana, one of the leading sources), and even helping reduce high blood pressure. Don’t sleep on this drink. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll enjoy it. At 80 calories a bottle, this is the closest you’ll get to sweet tasting water that’s good for you. Plus it contains vitamins A and C.

The Guilty Pleasure: Jack Daniel’s Honey

Let’s face it. Sometimes, water just doesn’t do the trick when you’ve had a hard day at work or out with a group of friends. I was first introduced to Jack Daniel’s Honey by fellow a blogger ( . I was intrigued by this new flavor, so I went out and bought a bottle, lol. It has a much smoother taste than the original and a must have for anyone that is a fan of Jack Daniel’s….just remember to drink responsibly.  And just as a point to remember, it’s always healthier to drink straight liquor rather than a mixed drink. Jack Daniel’s has 65 calories per fluid ounce (and chances are you won’t be able to drink more than a few ounces straight…or at least you shouldn’t be able to). Compare that to a Pina Colada that has 526 calories, at only 6.8 ounces. Makes you think twice doesn’t it?

What are some of your favorite healthy (or not so healthy) alternatives to drinking water?

2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday…Bottoms Up!

  1. I am thirsty right now! Lol!!! Great post! I love water…and I only like room temperature water. I mostly drink lemon in my water…thanks to this blog I will try cucumbers and other fruit! Also, so help me God…I have a long list of high calorie drinks that I need to stray away from…soooooo for now WATER and adding fruit it is!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Regina! I really like cold water, but I’ve grown to like room temp water now too. Yes, the cucumber water is really good! And you’re not alone on the high calorie drinks…I have a long list I need to give up too, LOL

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