I Don’t Subscribe To That

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Time. Rolling Stone. Essence. GQ. Vibe. Sports Illustrated. Chances are you may not recognize all of these magazine names, but you know at least one. And you may even have a subscription to it or frequently read it. What is it that draws us in? Could it be the celebrities on the cover, sports talk, beautiful women, the stock exchange or inspirational reading? Whatever the case, there is something there that we can relate to, aspire to be or enjoy. Just a simple magazine subscription can tell you way more than you ever could get from a conversation with someone. What store tags are on their key chain? How does their bedroom look when they have an unexpected guest? Is their pantry neatly stacked or an utter mess?

I recently finished reading a book called Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You by Sam Gosling (associate professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin).  The book was released in 2008, but I discovered it earlier this year. The premise of the book is based on his psychological studies of human behavior based on possessions, office spaces and home furnishings, among other things. I learned many things about the people around me as well as myself. For instance, how is your desk at work arranged? Is it full of picture, dirty or always clean? Depending on what pictures are out or how papers are displayed on your desk tells a great deal about who you are and how your personal life meshes with work.  According to Snoop… if all of your pictures face towards people walking into your office, you could have a need for acceptance or impressing people. Everyone should check out this book. I got it at Half Price Books, but I’m sure you can get it online or at most major bookstores.

But just as important as the things we allow people to see (CD collections, wardrobe, vehicles we drive, etc), there is also great insight if we look into what is not visible. Hidden stacks of clothes in the closet of an otherwise spotless room could mean more than just sweeping items under the rug. You could be a person who is guarded and puts on just enough of what you want people to see, not the real you. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Snoop helps us see that no one is perfect and that we all have flaws…but after reading it, you’ll be more keen on picking up your own…and everyone else’s, lol.

Here’s a few things about me that you may not know and if you read the book, you can make your own judgments based on it.

  • I have a very minimal amount of personal pictures on my desk at work.
  • I have over 500 CDs…different genres (R & B, Hip Hop, Gospel, Rock and some Jazz).
  • I prefer larger rooms in a home vs. having more rooms with less space in them.
  • I love  being interested in things or owning things that no one else is or does.

We can say we do or don’t “subscribe” to certain things in life, but the real test is what we actually own and participate in. That tells a more accurate story than our mouth could ever speak. So, what do your “subscriptions” say about you?

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16 thoughts on “I Don’t Subscribe To That

  1. Sooooooo as I was reading I took a mental evaluation of what my room looks like…lol…anyhow, I would love to read that book. Sounds like a good book to have when dating or getting to know people in general. Lol

    Oh, and great plug in at the end! Lol

  2. I recently moved & during the processing the relocation guy says u can tell about a person by their furniture. I said tell me! He says you like very nice stuff – none of that Ikea stuff. Some other stuff he said. My friends agree that I like high quality items (still a baller on a budget LOL)! Good post!

    • That’s hilarious about IKEA, LOL.I like some of their stuff, but I don’t like the idea of some of their price points and still having to build it when you get home. There’s nothing wrong with liking nice things! That’s a compliment to your taste! Glad you enjoyed the blog.

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