This is my first reblog on Peauxetic Expressions. Moira Johnson made headlines last month for walking topless through NYC, and now Go Topless Day is finally here..

Peauxetic Expressions

***So when you woke up this morning, I’m sure you weren’t thinking today is a holiday. And you’d be right, because it’s not but something very interesting is happening today. It’s GO TOPLESS DAY! This is the fifth annual Go Topless holiday and it just so happens to fall on Women’s Equality Day this year. The rally will take place right outside the White House in Washington, DC. Participants are able to go fully topless, partially topless or fully clothed. Although it is legal to go topless in New York City, you may want to check for your city’s guidelines before the tops come off. Check out the original post (posted on August 1, 2012, below).***

Vote Topless!

There’s been a lot going in New York City. First Mayor Bloomberg was trying to ban sodas larger than 16 ounces and now the tops are coming all the way off….


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