Brandy’s Dreams Delayed, Not Denied

A few weeks ago, you may remember that I reviewed Brandy’s single, “Put It Down” featuring Chris Brown. Although I did initially like the song, I wasn’t head over heels about it. However, after seeing the music video (one of Brandy’s best in years), the song is growing on me more. Seems like everything was in place for a successful release for her album Two-Eleven. The album title is derived from Brandy’s birthday and the date of her idol, Whitney Houston’s death (whose last words to her were “Nobody can be you. Just be you”). After several push backs (and numerous push backs of the release for the “Put It Down” music video), the new release date will be October 16, 2012. And considering the last week’s leak of her 2nd second single (which she leaked herself), “Wildest Dreams”, this may have been the best move her camp has made regarding Two-Eleven. The new song was inspired by her boyfriend, Ryan.

“Wildest Dreams” is a well produced R & B track that doesn’t reach any new songwriting heights (“Never thought someone would care about me”), but there’s something enjoyable about it. Maybe it’s the gritty, dark edge of the music and her vocals (which are crisp and well-arranged here). I’m not sure how this song will actually fare on the charts, but it’s definitely getting fans geared up about the release of her new CD. I thought Full Moon and Afrodisiac were some of her best CDs to date. Looks like Two-Eleven may be following in its footsteps.

What do you think about her new single? Will Two-Eleven be a hit, despite its many push backs?

3 thoughts on “Brandy’s Dreams Delayed, Not Denied

  1. Never really been a fan of Brandy’s, but after watching your video and listening to the vocals and lyrics, I’ll be getting the CD…. Awesome review Peauxetic… Keep up the awesome work…..

  2. Thanks Truth Bowl! Funny thing is I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I like the music she has put out more in the recent years. I think she did pretty good on this one too. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for checking out the review!

  3. You know I have been a fan of Brandy since “Sittin’ Up in My Room” and “The boy is mine”…not to mention “Moesha”!!! Lol I believe her album will do well, I would buy it. I also recently saw the new video of her and Chris Brown (“Put It Down”)…at first I was going to turn away, but I kept watching until the end. I must say that you can definitely see and hear the maturity and growth from her. I said a long time ago that people are sleeping on her…the girl can sing!

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