Freeze Sucka (Hands Off My Beans)!

Apparently Canadians don’t play when it comes to their food. Brian Louis Knockaert, a 69-year-old from Winnipeg, Canada decided to take matters into his own hands….based on a mere suspicion. There are a few things in life that we can almost understand someone getting shot over. A burglary, altercation or maybe even hunting, but who shoots somebody over a can of beans? WTH?! Well Mr. Knockaert thought it was appropriate to fire a Ruber .22 caliber pistol at his roommate’s girlfriend. Yep, you read that right. He thought she had stolen a can of his beans, but it turns out she had a can of Alpha-Getti in her hand instead. Luckily neither the girlfriend or Brian’s roommate were harmed. As most sensible people would, they quickly fled the scene and later called police.

I just have a couple of questions for Brian. So what kind of beans are that good to cause someone to almost get shot over??? And if you get that angry over beans, what happens if you get into a heated debate? And just one question for the roommate. Didn’t you see some signs of crazy before you decided to move in with the bean shooter? Maybe it’s just me….SMH. In regards to the reason why Brian shot his roommate’s girlfriend, he said , “she was driving me crazy, she just didn’t listen.” Didn’t listen to what Knockaert (you don’t deserve the handle of Mr. at this point)? But he maintains the stance that he had no intentions of hurting anyone. I guess just scaring them a little huh? Who knows, maybe Brian came on to his roommate’s girlfriend and he’s just mad she turned him down.

To make matters worse, he purchased this gun for $400, but the gun was actually a weapon used in a 2010 break in (although Knockaert wasn’t apart of that break in). But he has an enormous criminal record that spans 46 convictions dating back as far as 1961, including drug trafficking and weapon possession. Brian’s lawyer requested that he be freed on bail and allowed to move in with his older. But judge Cynthia Devine wasn’t hearing it. Here’s what she had to say about it all, “”You told police … you fired the gun because (the roommate’s girlfriend) was driving you crazy — that’s a concern, sir. Your sister could drive you crazy. Older sisters tend to make younger brothers crazy.” Yes, crazy indeed….

Surely there are some things that can set us off in life. And there are certain foods that I may even get a little irate about somebody stealing from me…namely Doritos, mustard greens, seafood, and gumbo, lol. But would I shoot somebody over it? NO!! It’s definitely not worth going to jail over. Maybe an ugly stare or a few choice words is as far as I would go.

What are some things that you would go crazy over if someone were to take it from you?

2 thoughts on “Freeze Sucka (Hands Off My Beans)!

  1. Alarming that people would feel so desperate and hypersensitive about 89 cents. That’s the average cost of a can good. What is really is the problem. We all need a transformation or healing of the things that has affected us in Life. Thanks for the article it makes realize life is more than a can of beans!

    • LOL, never thought of it that way but you’re right. It really is just over 89 cents. And yes, trasnformation and healing are always good! Thanks for checking out the blog and leaving your thoughts!

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