Quiet The N.O.I.S.E.

I love going to the movies. If it weren’t for the expensive cost of movie tickets, I probably would go every weekend, provided there was something I wanted to see. No matter what movie or theater you’re in, you will always see an ad or commercial to keep quiet during the movie. Life is a lot like being in a theater. There’s action, drama, violence, romance, comedy and even horror. But we’ll never understand life (or movies) if we don’t quiet the N.O.I.S.E. When our mind’s aren’t probably focused on the featured presentation before, we can misconstrue the plot and miss important aspects of the film.

One of the noisiest, self-destructive emotions we can ever display in life is insecurity. Insecurity is extremely dangerous for this very reason: Not Operating In Security is Exhausting. In a sense you can say insecurity = N.O.I.S.E. Do you really want to keep up all that ruckus in your life? The funny thing is people usually associate insecurity in romantic relationships only. But it goes so much further than that. Insecurity can keep you from reaching your dreams, supporting those around you and living your life to the fullest.

Have you ever been guilty of being insecure (don’t all raise your hands at once)? I know I have. Let’s all remember to quiet that noise of insecurity so that we don’t miss any important details in life.

Check out the recent poem I wrote below, called “In Security”. Let me know what you think about it.

In Security

Somebody please take these

Handcuffs off of me

With urgency

It’s an emergency

My bitterness, my lust

My analytical mistrust

Is what’s got me traveling

Through this confusing intra-state of mind

A rebel against the limits of reciprocity

I don’t really mean it

So you should understand me

And search within the core

That’s where you’ll find the best of me

Never mind the jagged edges along the way

Because the way to love is pain

As this metal begins to scrape against my veins

This ignorance ain’t bliss

Cause after several failed attempts

I’m that hopeless penny with not one

But two holes in it

You see I never really learned

That the way to love is gained

By none of the actions I exhibited

Uninhibited acts of jealousy on the left wrist

And premeditated malice on the right

If I could just get these handcuffs off me

Maybe I could teach myself to sleep at night

But because I didn’t operate in security

By rationalizing events ever so insecurely

I failed to realize that surely

Love is never a sense of stable instability

The sirens are coming closer

Somebody call security

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