Rihanna: Overrated Cockiness?

Ok, I’ll admit it. I like a few of Rihanna’s songs. Ok, I lied. I like a lot of her songs. But there is something about her that is a guilty pleasure. It took me a long time to get on the Rihanna bandwagon. I somehow think I’m depriving myself of quality music sometimes when I listen to her, lol. Rihanna fans don’t throw anything at me. It’s just my opinion. And after all, I’m one of you too…kinda. But is she just a little too overrated right now? Let’s face it, she puts on a great show (next to P!nk, I thought she had the best performance at the MTV Video Music Awards this year), but she’s not the best singer in the world. And speaking of great shows and the VMAs (where she won Video of the Year for “We Found Love”), you may have heard the rumor by now that she’s releasing another CD this November. After debuting the remix of her single “Cockiness” featuring A$AP Rocky, from the Talk That Talk CD (I’m still waiting on “Watch n’ Learn” to be released as a single) this seems a bit early.  Rihanna has toyed with the idea of releasing a new CD this year, but according to a now deleted tweet by Def Jam France it may be confirmed.  Apparently will she not only have a new CD out in November, but a new single released today as well (I’ll review it later if that’s the case). All of this while prepping from her upcoming Diamonds World Tour. And she titled her tour appropriately, as Diamonds is rumored to be the name of her new CD and single to be released today.

Then there’s the controversy. Chris Brown got a new tattoo right before the VMAs of a woman who closely resembles Rihanna on his next. The next day after the VMAs she gets a tattoo of Goddess Isis right beneath her breasts, reportedly in honor of her grandmother. Then Chris Brown gets another tattoo of a fighter jet, somewhat similar to Rihanna’s “Goddess Isis” art. Not to mention that her image has gotten progressively more risqué and overly sexual. But then again, sex and drama sells right?

Are you looking forward to a new Rihanna CD? Is she really just a great entertainer who’s striking while the iron is hot? Or is she overrated and long overdue for a break? And does anybody else find it funny that her new CD is rumored to be called Diamonds and the cover of the deluxe version of Chris Brown’s Fortune CD features diamonds falling from the sky? Maybe I’m reading too much between the lines, lol.

3 thoughts on “Rihanna: Overrated Cockiness?

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  2. Long overdue for a break! I wish she and Chris would go to the far parts of the Northwest Territories and habernate. Maybe by the time they wake up….their mess might seem like something fresh again. Lol

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