Still Sleeping With The Ex

Ever get that funny feeling like somebody is following you? Like there’s somebody else at home with you but you know you’re alone? Or at least you think you are. Is it a raccoon in your attic? Maybe termites in your walls? You look up into the air vent in your ceiling and your mind must be playing tricks on you. You’ve just seen a pair of beady eyes staring back at you. For “Tracy”, a single mother of 5 in Rock Hill, Charlotte, this was her reality. This was not a ghost or animal, but her ex-boyfriend she broke up with over 12 years ago. Yep, you read right…..12 years.

Tracy did not want to be named because her ex-boyfriend is still on the loose. After he was released from jail two weeks ago, he decided to pay her a visit (unbeknownst to her and her kids). According to her, she had been receiving letters from him while he was in jail and even had him do some odd jobs at her house over a year ago. All of this on top of his drug addiction, which is the primary reason for their breakup 12 years ago. Her ex-boyfriend even went as far as stealing her car to get money for drugs. So you may be wondering just how he made his way into her attic. That part is still unknown, since the only entrance to the attic is inside her house. Authorities found that Tracy’s ex-boyfriend had been stuffing himself inside of the heating unit with old coats as his “cover up”. There were also multiple Sonic cups filled with urine and feces throughout the attic.

This is so crazy, it’s actually funny. I don’t understand how Tracy even entertained this man to allow him to do odd jobs around her house and send her letters while he was in jail. After 12 years of being broken up??? Something besides her attic doesn’t smell right here. There must have been more than odd jobs going on at home between her and the ex-boyfriend. And if he wrote her letters (plural) in jail, chances are she wrote him back some of those times. Once police officers found him in the attic, he quickly fled the scene and has not been caught since. Makes you wonder what’s really going on when you hear those strange noises in your house at night, doesn’t it?

What do you think about this extreme case of stalking?

9 thoughts on “Still Sleeping With The Ex

  1. That’s the perfect story for Halloween. How bizarre that an act of kindness could lead to a persons mental illness.

  2. because of the nasty stuff going on with the cups in the attic I don’t think she probably was still messing with the guy. who wants to “be with” lol…a man they know is living in the attack that !!!! He has got to be funky. Seriously that’s frightening and she should have zero contact with a man that can do that.

    • Lol, that is a good point! I just don’t understand why she would choose him of all people to come fix her things at her house. Yes, I’m sure he smells horrible…..him and her attic. That is frightening and you never know what else he could be capable of.

  3. I love Regina’s post! My sentiments exactly! The lady is probably one of those people that are always feeling sorry for other people and always trying to lend them a helping hand, even when the hand that comes back and slaps her is from the same arm that she helped! I too must learn that there is no “rehabilitation” for some people, and even if there is, I am not the one to get them there! Hopefully, this time she will get her “odd jobs” done by someone professional, pay the actual monetary cost and stop paying ‘rodent’ fees!!! It s so much cheaper in the long run!! Very interesting article!

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