P!nk Tells The Truth About Love

Right about now, Pink should be ready to get the party started all over again as her new CD, The Truth About Love is projected to sell in excess of 225,000 copies, making it the #1 album in the country. This is no surprise considering the runaway success of her catchy, clever first single, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”. The question is did settling down and motherhood weaken Pink’s fuel? The answer is a resounding no. On a few of The Truth About Love’s tracks, Pink finds herself in somewhat unchartered territory when it comes to raunchiness. True, the CD’s first single follows the same vein (that’s so addictive by the way) of hits like “U+Ur Hand” and “Raise Your Glass”, but she takes it even further this go round with “Slut Like You”. She boldly sings “I’m gonna let you know the truth/ I’m a slut like you/ Sitting with my friends/And we’re picking/Who we might let in”. Talk about turning the tables. “Walk of Shame” is another hilarious track that details her account of getting back home from the morning after, praying no one sees her in the process.

But before some of the one night stands and heart breaks, Pink opens the CD with an inspirational and slightly spiritual high energy declaration, “Are We All We Are”.  Never being one to have many guest features on her projects, there are a few here. The most notable guest is Eminem, who enlisted Pink on his Recovery CD with “Won’t Back Down”. That song is still in heavy rotation on my iPod one of the best rap and song collaborations I’ve heard recently. This time, he stops by for a short rap on “Here Comes The Weekend”. It’s a heavy Rock, Hip Hop, thick bass line celebration of well….the weekend. But who really cares what the song is about, as long as they are both on it? The Truth About Love doesn’t have much middle ground. One minute she’s a late night party girl who gets all the guys and the next, she’s hanging by a thread of a relationship. Sometimes, she swings a little too hard towards the latter. “Just Give Me A Reason” featuring Nate Ruess is a love song that’s about as cute as a dull toothache. Not one to stay down long, Pink pulls it together quickly.

Honestly, “Just Give Me A Reason” is the only major speed bump on an otherwise smooth ride. Then there’s the voice. Pink actually started her career as an R & B singer and has since embraced more of a Rock inspired image. I must admit, I like Pink better now than back then. But he just can’t shake the soul that’s naturally in her. On the CD’s chilling closer, “The Great Escape” she reminds us that she can do acrobatic flips and blow kisses, but she also has a flawless voice. She would be short-changing herself to not make this track a single. Plus, she’s quite an amazing songwriter as she sings “Everyone you know/Is trying to smooth it over/Everyone needs a floor they can fall through”. The truth is that Pink left behind the conceptual genius that she created on her last CD, Funhouse.  As outstanding of a project that The Truth About Love is, it’s not cohesive. But therein lies the genius. As the CD’s title track so eloquently sums up, love isn’t all predictable, cohesive, joyous or depressing.  Pink, raise your glass to a job well done.

***I bought the deluxe version, but didn’t mention those songs here. It’s well worth the extra couple of dollars though. All of the bonus tracks (4 included) are really good***

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