When Drunk Dialing Goes Wrong

There are many things that parents use their kids for. Maybe to get them the remote from the couch, wash dishes or go buy groceries. But what happens when the child plays the role of the parent and tells them no? Well in the case of 56-year-old Robert Hagerman, this is exactly what happened. This Florida dad, who has inebriated beyond belief, asked his daughter to guy buy him some beer and she refused. There’s no indication of how old the daughter is, but she was a smart woman. Her dad obviously had gone way past his legal limit. But what she probably didn’t expect was for him to call the police on her.

Robert Hagerman dialed 911 (after reportedly calling just the day before for over 50 times) repeatedly and told police how his daughter was on drugs and she was beating him. Apparently, while all these calls were going on, his daughter was recording them on her cell phone for proof of his insane behavior. When the police finally did arrive, Hagerman was charged with filing a false report with the police. Hmmm….and that’s the only charge he got? WTH?! I’m not condoning anyone’s arrest or trouble with the law, but it seems like their attitude was very lackadaisical about this whole situation. After arriving at the house after several irate calls, something should have clicked to go check this out and find out what’s going on. But who knows? Maybe that neighborhood is a high crime rate and they just don’t have time for dads with booze (or the lack thereof). I’m still really curious of how old this man’s daughter is. I’m assuming that she’s over 25 years old, but she must have incredible patience. That police report could have been filed with her hitting him over the head with one of the beers….I’m just saying, lol. Thankfully no violence was involved though, which was good. The humorous part about it though is that Hagerman called the police and he ended up getting arrested. SMH. He would have been better off just calling them and asking for a 6 pack.

What would you do in this situation? Were the police too calm about the situation? Is the dad well within his rights to demand his booze?

6 thoughts on “When Drunk Dialing Goes Wrong

  1. I agree with you! The dad was definitely out of order and the police should defintely have taught the dad a larger lesson, one that he would not forget too soon! But, I believe the factors involved might have been the opposite of a bad neighborhood…perhaps an upscale neighborhood, one in which somebody knows somebody and they decided to “look the other way” in this situation. Usually, in the “lower ends” of a town, the punishment is quick and often overboard, whereas in upper crest society, justice tends to be slow to non-existent, often dependent on social standing, racial preferences and the “buddy” system. If we know what his preference of beer is; this may tell us a little more about the man, his standing in society, etc. Good article!

    • Yes, you make a very good point! This probably was an upscale neighborhood. If this was on the lower end of town, they would have responded differently! And the preference of beer part would be very interesting to know! Thanks for leaving your insight and glad you enjoyed the blog!

  2. Wow thats crazy. He should’ve been took to a clinic for his problems and charged. Some police are lazy….smdh so no surprise there.

  3. Wow so true! This story brings back childhood memories of when I was growing oddly some addictive behaviors never change. No insight or judgment when it comes to self medications I use to have to go purchase for my drinking father who insisted that he enjoyed drinking nevertheless denied being an alcoholic smh.

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