Look Who’s Talking Too

“Who did they sleep with to get their job?” “Why did they really get a divorce?” “She’s a fool for getting pregnant.” And here’s my personal favorite, “They’re stupid…it wouldn’t be me putting up with that.” Really? For everything you won’t put up with, there’s something you will. And chances are people may look down on you for doing it. All of these statements above are examples of hot topics people gossip about. It’s always so easy to talk about someone else’s business, and not focus on our own. But we should all be careful, because while we’re talking, someone else is talking too.

It really is a small world and you never know who knows who. We never know whose business we’re really telling and what the listener’s connection is to that person. You could very well be talking about someone’s family member in casual conversation, not knowing that person you hate is their cousin. As you pick your face up off the floor, now you’re the one being talked about at the next family reunion. Your best friend that you just fell out with is a friend of that family, and they can’t wait to snatch all of your skeletons out of the closet for the whole world to see. Maybe the best option was to keep a closed mouth.

It’s funny how the more you don’t participate in gossip though, the more of it seems to be thrown at you. There are certain things about people I would just rather be ignorant to. I don’t need or want to know everything. And if we find ourselves entertaining these kinds of conversations, we are just as guilty as the person gossiping. Sometimes we have to be rude and tell people to get out of our face with the he say/she say. If not, then some take it as a green light to keep going. No matter how much dirt we have on someone, there’s someone that has the same amount (or more) of dirt on us. It just depends on who is being asked. And let’s just say we have nothing in your life worth being talked about….does that make it ok to spill everyone else’s life story? Be careful of the talk that you spread. Everywhere you look, someone else is talking too. That hot talk being discussed next door just may be about you.

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