Miguel: Adorn Remix- Song of the Week

Last week, Miguel released his 2nd CD, Kaleidoscope Dream to a strong sales week of over 50,000 copies. It’s the follow-up to his nearly 2-year-old debut album, All I Want Is You. You may have heard “Adorn” as far back as February as the first track on 1 of 3 “Art Dealer Chic” EPs. All of those EP tracks are featured on Kaleidoscope Dream, with a few new songs as well. But “Adorn” made so much noise that it was chosen as the lead single for the CD. I must admit I didn’t care for the song as much, until one day I gave it a chance and heard the whole thing. It has since really grown on me and I like the simple production on here. Plus, the Wiz Khalifa feature on this version makes it even better. In the background, Wiz Khalifa says “That boy can sing.” Miguel is no R & B ballad king, but it’s a sure thing he’ll gain an even bigger following with this one.

What do you think of the song?

*Check out my thoughts on the Kaleidoscope Dream CD at the end of my video for today’s earlier blog, “T-Boz Finds A New TLC”*

2 thoughts on “Miguel: Adorn Remix- Song of the Week

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