T-Boz Finds A New TLC

She’s the “Cool” one in the Crazy, Sexy, Cool trio that dominated the charts in the 90s. No other R & B female group has topped their record sales tally yet (over 40 million albums sold worldwide, not including singles). It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since fans have gotten a new TLC CD. Their last project, 3D, was actually one of their best in my opinion but it was bittersweet without their most vibrant member’s presence, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Now Tionne Watkins, a.k.a. “T-Boz” is breaking the silence on her new reality show, “Totally T-Boz” (hopefully the name of the show changes). The news was just revealed last week, but T-Boz has kept somewhat of a low profile about it. And what better channel to air the show? TLC. She’s no stranger to reality TV though. Her and band mate Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas went on a search and destroy mission to find one girl to record a single with them and be featured in a once in a lifetime performance. But that was 7 years ago and a lot has changed since then.

Destiny’s Child enjoyed massive success from airing their dirty laundry with their hit single, “Survivor”. But TLC (especially T-Boz) were the real survivors who bounced back from more than a lineup change (the original “C” in TLC, Crystal, was actually the one who created the group and was kicked out to be replaced by “Chilli”). Bankruptcy, sickle-cell, fighting with group members, bitter divorce and most recently a life -threatening brain tumor, T-Boz has weathered more storms than most people encounter in a life time. “Totally T-Boz” will document her recovery from her brain tumor, which included her having to regain her balance, speech and walking ability again. She also just received the key to Atlanta, where they have proclaimed October 3rd as “T-Boz Day” (she has one with TLC as well). Plus, there’s supposedly new music with Chilli to support a possible soundtrack to TLC’s upcoming VH1 biopic. And there has been talk of a solo CD from T-Boz for quite some time.

Will 2013 be the year of TLC? Will T-Boz’s show be a success? Is there still an interest in the front woman behind the hits “Waterfalls”, “Creep” and “Unpretty”? I commend her for at least coming out with a show of substance. We have more than enough Love and Hip Hop and Housewives shows on the air waves. I’ll definitely be tuning in. Will you?

6 thoughts on “T-Boz Finds A New TLC

  1. Agreed that the name needs some work but I cannot wait to see how this show is received. But since its on TLC the likelihood of good tv is there….just don’t think about the john and kate era of TLC

  2. TLC is/was my favorite group…I’ll be tuning in as well because I really like T-Boz. She is truly blessed and TLC is a great station to air on…her show won’t get caught up with other reality tv shows on the other channels.

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