Peauxetic Expressions: Interview With French Duo, King Krab/Jodeci Returns After 18 Years

Good evening, In case you missed it, here are the highlights from Music Monday at Peauxetic Expressions. Today marks history as the first ever International artist interview with King Krab. Check out my interview with them and the video review about their debut EP, Reworx

King Krab’s Great Reworx
The exclusive interview with Adam and Lucas Derrez of King Krab. Plus find out how to get a FREE copy of their new EP.!King-Krabs-Great-Reworx-Interview-/c13tw/E1F2CAF1-80C8-48EA-8773-35D70166EB2C

Jodeci: Diary of A Resurrected Band
Jodeci is back after 18 years, with a new single," Nobody Wins" with B.O.B. But is the new music worthy of the long hiatus? Hear it for yourself….Plus, check out their recent reunion performance.!Jodeci-Diary-Of-A-Resurrected-Band-/c13tw/5FEC91D9-54D0-4017-9131-3AA6DFBB2A84

Thanks for checking out this week’s happenings in music at Peauxetic Expressions!

Carlos Harleaux

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