New Book Stingrays Available NOW Through December 13th!

Good Morning, I am so excited to announce that my latest collection of poetry, Stingrays, is nearing its official release!

Stingrays has been nearly two years in the making and will be released as an ebook on my birthday, February 4, 2017.

This volume of poetry and prose will only have print copies available through Kickstarter, from today through December 13th.

However, there will be plenty of perks for your backing and support of this project including:

  • Shout outs in the printed version of the book.
  • Signed replica of the cover art from graphic designer, Michael Lamb.
  • Exclusive T-Shirts.

There’s one more added bonus that makes this project worth supporting. I have also just completed No Cream In The Middle, the follow up to my debut novel, Fortune Cookie. From now until December 13th, you can get an advanced copy at a discounted price before the official July release.

Check out the link to the project here:

Should you decide to partake in this special project, I thank you in advance for your support!

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