Bzzzz….I hear you coming

Before you even turn the corner

I cringe at the thought

Like nails on a chalk board…of you

You who thinks of no one else

But self….ishly crafting ulterior motives

You, who have no authority over me

But somehow in your simple mind

You think you own me and my reactions

But I won’t be the pebble in your sandbox games

You are the dirt from my feet washed down the drain

I gain nothing from the possibility of thinking

One day you’ll change

So I remove myself from the situation

Where only one fool remains

Splat…..I thought I got rid of you

Yet you resurface again like oil and water

But you fail to remember I will always end up on top

Get over yourself; you are not the cream of the crop

The demise of your backbiting is upon you…..lookout!

The smack down is upon you!

But I’m not bitter, nor will I lose any sleep

This is just a notification, an invitation to you

To say how you really feel

What you really think, but I know you won’t

So shoo fly




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