Cold Fingertips


What is this?

What are these foreign, frigid objects

That graze my skin

This feels like déjà vu

Though I never knew I could

Feel this confused with you

Who knew?

My mind runs questions longer

Than the Egyptian Nile

I smile and look at you

But you’re not the same

Your touch is so cold

Leaving icicles in my veins

Not to mention that chilling sensation

That travels to my brain

Like a tingled touch tracing my spine

Yet this is quite different

This is quite frightening

The one I thought I knew is

Intertwined in this blizzard of emotion

My other senses give me

Reassurance along the way

But when you touch me, it’s so cold

It becomes torrid

We grew so icy

Wouldn’t you say?

Or is it too much of me to ask

For you to see it my way?

Our hearts have turned frozen

And wouldn’t you agree

Your touch gets colder

As I get a numbing grasp on reality

You’re not here with me

And I must defrost

Each and every time

At the most awkward moments

Your cold fingertips always find a way

To cross my mind

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