Invisible Chains


I am bound to the floor 

Looking through a glass ceiling that crumbles at the touch 

If only I could reach it… 

In some instances, the only one keeping me bound is me 

Not bound by tangible shackles, chains or walls  

But limited to undetectable dimensions where I can barely stand 

I will not break free before my time 

So I get comfortable in the uncomfortable feeling of being bound 

Hearing the sound of clanking metal with each movement  

This becomes my soundtrack,  

Drowned out by other distractions that keep me busy 

The noise is sometimes better than the reality of the silence 

But for today, I will embrace this tangled web… 

Accept the strain, and know it’s all personal gain in the end 

To ascend I know I must endure the growing pains 

Of breaking loose from these invisible chains 

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