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Identity Theft (New Poem)

Who are you?

Under the clothes?

Under the lies?

Under the mask?

Beneath the disguise?

If your soul could be scanned

How much would you ring up to be?

Your bar code has been changed so many times

It would be difficult for anyone to see

Blaming others for your mental, spiritual and physical bankruptcy

But no, it was you who overspent

On people, time, places and spaces

That only diminished your worth

This is not a case of stolen identity

This is the result of failure to

Tap into the remedy of a better

Me, she, he and we

No forced entry

Because the latch to the lock was unhitched

This is not a case of stolen identity

But one that is a reflection

Of your own worst enemy….yourself

So again, I ask….who are you?

Are you taking charge of your life

Or blaming it on being a victim of

Identity theft?

Rocks Get Tired Too

Here’s another poem I decided to share with you all. Let me know what you think. I’m sure you’ll be able to relate…..

This is post number 100 for me! Thanks everyone for your comments, encouragement, and checking out my site!

I come in many shapes, sizes, colors and textures

I am dependable, responsible

And allow you to lean on me

As the kindest gesture

You are heavy so take your rest here

You waver and wander

And leave just to return

No one seems to care about the rock’s tears

You have saturated me with

Your troubles, doubts, fears

Some last only for a season

While some of us have been here for years

The signs are visible

As erosion sets in

And I am sent through the fire

To provide a more sturdy bench of sorts

For you to sit your tired ass on….go figure

But what about the rock?

What about its issues? Is that important to you?

Just running to spill your soul

Wading in your own misery pool

Filthy waters that you more than

Likely got your own self into

So maybe it’s time to pick yourself up

Cause rocks get tired too

Forgo Forgiveness

I haven’t shared a poem with everyone in a few weeks, so here’s one I just wrote tonight on forgiveness. My first time ever writing specifically on this topic. Let me know what you think….it’s called “Forgo Forgiveness”

I’m going to forgo forgiving you

It takes too much energy to smile and

Fake and laugh in your face

And take a deep breath…

When I really want to punch you

Like the poster child of

Every blood boiling moment

I’ve ever had rolled into one…fist

Make that two

When I think of you

I’m forgoing forgiving you

My stomach churns just to look at you

And the sweetest medicine  

Is watching you suffer

Oh don’t look at me and point your fingers

Many of you bathe in this same acid

The ph balance of your soul is off kilter

So when you cleanse your self

And make it out unscathed

Then come tell your truth

Until then I’ll forgo forgiving you too

Oblivious to the fact that you’ve moved on

While I’m still stuck here holding

On to jagged, crusty edges of memories

That only pierce my existence

Until I resemble a honey comb

Holy, but not full of praise

You are worthy and I am out of place

Out of touch with reality

And missing the clear picture

Forgiveness ain’t all about the listener

We must not forgo the element

That pertains to the speaker


Taste This….

Is anybody glad that it’s Friday like I am???? It’s been a looooong week and I’ve been on the countdown since Monday. But, on to the reason why you clicked on the link to this post, lol.

Check out this new promotional video for my poetry book, Blurred Vision. It features “Taste of Love” from my book as well as “Tongue Twister” a relatively new poem not featured in Blurred Vision.  You can purchase my book today for $12.95+plus shipping and handling!

This video was created by Christian songwriter John Patrick Adams. Make sure to check out his website,, for a listen to some of his awesome music.

Check My Resume….And My New Promotional Video for “Blurred Vision”

Ok, so before I got to bed and get ready for another long work day, I figured I’d share a couple of things with everyone. First off, I have a hot new promotional video for my original poetry book, Blurred Vision. This video was created by John Patrick Adams. Make sure to check out his website @

Get your copy of Blurred Vision today, right here! Just click on one of the BuyNow buttons in the “Buy Blurred Vision Here” header at the top of the site.

And here’s a new poem I’ve written, called “Check My Resume”. It’s not featured in Blurred Vision, but it just might be included in a future project that I’m doing….let me know what you think.

Check My Resume

I am not impressed

By your plaques on the wall

Like humpty dumpty

They will teeter totter

Topple over and have a great fall

I am not enthused

By your keyless entry

It will one day trip up

And you will lock yourself

Out of your own existence

Like the burglar bars

I have up for you mentally

I am not enthralled

By your pocket roll of cash

Sure, it spends but not on me

And without anything saved

It surely won’t last

I am not amused by your technical gadgets

I am not interested in your intellectual stabbing

Condescendingly bending your view points

On deaf ears

You do not matter to me

You who only thinks selfishly

You who only looks good on paper

And that’s even relative

Do yourself a favor and see how change

Tastes now instead of later

And don’t spend all your life being a

Shallow paper chaser 

Blurred Vision: It’s Time To Put Your Glasses On (11-11-11)











In less than an hour, it will finally be here!! “BLURRED VISION” WILL BE OFFICIALLY RELEASED TOMORROW (FRIDAY), 11-11-11!!!

Have you ever felt unclear the sight of your surroundings and what’s ahead? In life, we all have times where we may feel like our vision is unclear. The majority of the peauxetic (poetic) content of BLURRED VISION comes from that unclear place or perspective on certain areas of life. But, it’s time to put your glasses on see with 20/20 vision. You will be able to relate to something here as the book covers a wide range of topics including relationships, suicide, domestic violence, and spirituality.

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And hopefully I’ll see you all tomorrow at RA Sushi in Plano, TX (6:00-8:00 pm) to celebrate the official release of my book!!