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I have exciting news for you…  I’ve switched from Word Press to my own personal website…   I’m really excited about the freedom I will have to share with you all more Music, WTH Moments, and more inspiration…  If you would like to continue receiving emails and updates from Peauxetic Expressions, please click on the link below.

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Politicked: The Unofficial Report

Ok, so the Presidential debate is tonight and there will be plenty to discuss. But first, check out the commentary TLady75 (Tammie Henry) and I did about some of the recent political debates, new policies and shocking moments. Everything from Obama vs. Romney on 60 Minutes to Madonna stripping for President Obama and dumbfounded parents over the new Plan B in New York school districts. Definitely a WTH of sorts. It’s not politics…it’s politicked!!

Check out the video commentary below

What has got you politicked????

Flashback to the G Spot

If you got a chance to check out last Thursday’s post, “Catch Me On The G Spot Tonight!” then you know I had an announcement to make. I was featured on DFWiRadio’s Thursday night G Spot segment with Jasira and Ty. I had an awesome time and got a chance to meet some awesome writers and get reacquainted with others. There’s nothing like being in your element and being surrounded by like-minded people who share the same passions and interests as you do.

So in case you missed it, here it is…….your ticket to the G Spot and checking out last week’s show. Make sure to tune in to the new segment of  the G Spot tonight at, 7:00pm CST. The G is for Groove….

If you haven’t gotten it already, make sure you pick up your copy of my book, Blurred Vision! Click on the BuyNow button below to get your copy!

Catch Me On “The G Spot” Tonight!

So what did you think that G stood for??? LOL. Well, it stands for Groove….

Tonight at 7:00 pm CST, I’ll be one of the featured guests on the “Jasira’s G Spot (the G is for Groove)”  segment of On Common Ground- Reality Radio Unscripted. I’ll be reading some poetry from my book, Blurred Vision and you’ll get to hear from other awesome poets as well. You can even call in to give your own spoken word/poetry pieces or just ask questions at 214-217-4855.

To log on and hear the show, go to and hit the “launch player”.  It’s located at the top of the site once you log on in. You can also listen on your phone by downloading the FREE APP “LIVE365” then find dfwiradio in the search engine.

And if you don’t have your copy of Blurred Vision yet then what are you waiting for??? Lol. Just click on the BuyNow link below and purchase your signed copy today!!

Had A Great Time On “The FK Show” Tonight

Hopefully everyone was able to tune in to “The FK Show” tonight and listen to the interview I did with Dominick Howard (a.k.a. Dld the Eclectic), to promote my book, Blurred Vision. In case you missed it, you’ll be able to check it out again tonight at 11:00 pm CST at the link below:

Then go to the Music/Talk Bowl section to view the video.

I got a chance to read several poems from my book and talk about the upcoming book signing on 11-11-11 at RA Sushi (see details on my Facebook page-Peauxetic Expressions-and on earlier posts to my site). I also got a chance to hear some really good new music and learned that Jon B formed a group with 2 other guys on a CD that never came out…who knew? Lol. We talked about scary movies, the big defeat for Dallas sports this weekend, and life in college.

Don’t forget that you can order your pre sale copies of Blurred Vision starting TONIGHT!!

Catch Me Live On “The FK Show” Tomorrow (7:00 to 9:00 pm CST)!

Please tune in tomorrow night, Monday, October 31, 2011 (yes, Halloween night, lol), from 7:00 to 9:00 pm (CST) to “The FK Show,” hosted by Dominick Howard and DJ K-Scratch. I will be featured on the show to promote my new book, Blurred Vision.  Make sure to check it out!! I’ll be reading some of the poems featured in the book as well.

To check out the show, click on the link below:

Once you’ve clicked on the link, click on the Music/Talk Bowl section under the “Jump In” header on the left.  Then you will see the option to view the live video stream in small or large view.

Jump in to the fish bowl tomorrow night and check me out!!

Also, pre sale copies of Blurred Vision will be available this week!! Stay tuned!!