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F.E.A.R. Factor

Everyone is scared of something. Children are afraid of the dark. Teenagers are afraid of acceptance and peer pressure. College students are afraid of the massive job force that awaits them and where they fit into it. Adults are afraid of so many things…failure, commitment, love, and even success. The funny thing is adults are the least likely to admit their fears. Fear is a catch 22 emotion. It can hinder your progression and propel you forward all at the same time. The question is which direction will you allow fear to sway you?

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to hear actor/author Hill Harper speak at a company event for my job. I didn’t expect much, but his speech was a pleasant surprise. The premise of his topic was fear and how we allow it to hold us back. One of his quotes that he stated has still stuck with me. He didn’t coin this phrase, but it was very profound nonetheless (and it was my first time hearing it). “Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real”. Basically, what this means is that fear is nothing more than an illusion. We get so worked up behind the illusion, that we lose sight of the reality. Because of fear, we believe that we will fail. We will lose. We will die. We will be defeated. We will be left all alone. We will not succeed. And yes, all of these things are possible and can happen…if we think ourselves into that negative space. But what about the flip side of fear that says we are victorious? We are loved. We are winners. We are blessed. We are worthy.

Failure is not the worst thing that can happen to us. It can actually be the beginning of something beautiful. So what if you fail? You learn, get up, try again or try something new if that doesn’t work.  We should never let fear hold us back, only push us forward. Is this easier said than done? YES! In case you’re wondering how I came up with this blog, it’s because I have had some fearful thoughts recently in regards to releasing my 2nd book and starting school again in the Spring of next year. But one things is for sure, if we let fear stop us from turning on the engine to drive to our dreams, we’re sure to never get anywhere. Turn on the reality of something great and turn off the F.E.A.R.!

What are you fearful of and how do you overcome it?

Look Who’s Talking Too

“Who did they sleep with to get their job?” “Why did they really get a divorce?” “She’s a fool for getting pregnant.” And here’s my personal favorite, “They’re stupid…it wouldn’t be me putting up with that.” Really? For everything you won’t put up with, there’s something you will. And chances are people may look down on you for doing it. All of these statements above are examples of hot topics people gossip about. It’s always so easy to talk about someone else’s business, and not focus on our own. But we should all be careful, because while we’re talking, someone else is talking too.

It really is a small world and you never know who knows who. We never know whose business we’re really telling and what the listener’s connection is to that person. You could very well be talking about someone’s family member in casual conversation, not knowing that person you hate is their cousin. As you pick your face up off the floor, now you’re the one being talked about at the next family reunion. Your best friend that you just fell out with is a friend of that family, and they can’t wait to snatch all of your skeletons out of the closet for the whole world to see. Maybe the best option was to keep a closed mouth.

It’s funny how the more you don’t participate in gossip though, the more of it seems to be thrown at you. There are certain things about people I would just rather be ignorant to. I don’t need or want to know everything. And if we find ourselves entertaining these kinds of conversations, we are just as guilty as the person gossiping. Sometimes we have to be rude and tell people to get out of our face with the he say/she say. If not, then some take it as a green light to keep going. No matter how much dirt we have on someone, there’s someone that has the same amount (or more) of dirt on us. It just depends on who is being asked. And let’s just say we have nothing in your life worth being talked about….does that make it ok to spill everyone else’s life story? Be careful of the talk that you spread. Everywhere you look, someone else is talking too. That hot talk being discussed next door just may be about you.

When Drunk Dialing Goes Wrong

There are many things that parents use their kids for. Maybe to get them the remote from the couch, wash dishes or go buy groceries. But what happens when the child plays the role of the parent and tells them no? Well in the case of 56-year-old Robert Hagerman, this is exactly what happened. This Florida dad, who has inebriated beyond belief, asked his daughter to guy buy him some beer and she refused. There’s no indication of how old the daughter is, but she was a smart woman. Her dad obviously had gone way past his legal limit. But what she probably didn’t expect was for him to call the police on her.

Robert Hagerman dialed 911 (after reportedly calling just the day before for over 50 times) repeatedly and told police how his daughter was on drugs and she was beating him. Apparently, while all these calls were going on, his daughter was recording them on her cell phone for proof of his insane behavior. When the police finally did arrive, Hagerman was charged with filing a false report with the police. Hmmm….and that’s the only charge he got? WTH?! I’m not condoning anyone’s arrest or trouble with the law, but it seems like their attitude was very lackadaisical about this whole situation. After arriving at the house after several irate calls, something should have clicked to go check this out and find out what’s going on. But who knows? Maybe that neighborhood is a high crime rate and they just don’t have time for dads with booze (or the lack thereof). I’m still really curious of how old this man’s daughter is. I’m assuming that she’s over 25 years old, but she must have incredible patience. That police report could have been filed with her hitting him over the head with one of the beers….I’m just saying, lol. Thankfully no violence was involved though, which was good. The humorous part about it though is that Hagerman called the police and he ended up getting arrested. SMH. He would have been better off just calling them and asking for a 6 pack.

What would you do in this situation? Were the police too calm about the situation? Is the dad well within his rights to demand his booze?

7 Reasons Why Procrastination Is Good

We’ve all had the feeling of not having enough hours in the day and feeling un-accomplished. I have been feeling like this for the past couple weeks, and couldn’t quite figure out why. I felt like I was meeting all of my obligations and some of my wants, but there was still something missing. I felt like I was juggling to many things at once and that something would potentially fall at any minute. I’m sure I am not alone here….but yesterday something hit me and the light bulb finally came on. It was truly an aha moment. Why is it that we feel we have to get so much done in so little time? Are we that afraid of failure? Or could it be that we are trying to beat the pressures of success? Usually procrastination is frowned upon, but there are definitely some positive things about it. How can this be? Check out my 7 reasons why procrastination can be a good thing:

  1. Nothing worth having will be conquered overnight. Think about your biggest accomplishments, comebacks, and progressions. Were you able to do them all in one day? NO!!
  2. Your mind needs a break. Sometimes, you just need to back away and say “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Pushing yourself when you’re far spent only creates disaster and mistakes.
  3. Your perception is off. Have you ever gotten an email or text from someone when you were overworked and tired that made you want to slap them? It could just be your perception is off because you need a break.
  4. Creativity comes when you’re not thinking about it. Some of my best ideas and creative thoughts came from the times when I packed a project away for a couple of days and then came back to it.
  5. Your health is your wealth. Many people work crazy over time hours (I’ve been guilty too) trying to please their boss, get a project completed, or be the shining star. But, if something happens to your health and you can’t work then guess what? You will be replaced…quickly. The stress is not worth the harm to your body.
  6. No fun + All work = Boring Life. Let’s face it. No matter how much of a workaholic you are, there’s nothing fun about working all the time. What kind of life is that??? Sometimes you have to lighten up and have a good time.
  7. Live your own life. If we must avoid procrastination at all costs, then we should at least do it for something we’re passionate about. Most of the things we stress about getting done are to meet someone else’s deadline, not our own. Don’t forget to carve out time for yourself….you’re worth the investment.

What are the reasons you procrastinate? What should you procrastinate less on or even procrastinate more on?

Still Sleeping With The Ex

Ever get that funny feeling like somebody is following you? Like there’s somebody else at home with you but you know you’re alone? Or at least you think you are. Is it a raccoon in your attic? Maybe termites in your walls? You look up into the air vent in your ceiling and your mind must be playing tricks on you. You’ve just seen a pair of beady eyes staring back at you. For “Tracy”, a single mother of 5 in Rock Hill, Charlotte, this was her reality. This was not a ghost or animal, but her ex-boyfriend she broke up with over 12 years ago. Yep, you read right…..12 years.

Tracy did not want to be named because her ex-boyfriend is still on the loose. After he was released from jail two weeks ago, he decided to pay her a visit (unbeknownst to her and her kids). According to her, she had been receiving letters from him while he was in jail and even had him do some odd jobs at her house over a year ago. All of this on top of his drug addiction, which is the primary reason for their breakup 12 years ago. Her ex-boyfriend even went as far as stealing her car to get money for drugs. So you may be wondering just how he made his way into her attic. That part is still unknown, since the only entrance to the attic is inside her house. Authorities found that Tracy’s ex-boyfriend had been stuffing himself inside of the heating unit with old coats as his “cover up”. There were also multiple Sonic cups filled with urine and feces throughout the attic.

This is so crazy, it’s actually funny. I don’t understand how Tracy even entertained this man to allow him to do odd jobs around her house and send her letters while he was in jail. After 12 years of being broken up??? Something besides her attic doesn’t smell right here. There must have been more than odd jobs going on at home between her and the ex-boyfriend. And if he wrote her letters (plural) in jail, chances are she wrote him back some of those times. Once police officers found him in the attic, he quickly fled the scene and has not been caught since. Makes you wonder what’s really going on when you hear those strange noises in your house at night, doesn’t it?

What do you think about this extreme case of stalking?

Inmates Serving Hot Plates?

It’s 5:00 pm and you’re stuck in rush hour traffic. All you can think about is what’s for dinner. You don’t feel like cooking, so you scan all of the nearby restaurants in your head. Luby’s? Not fun enough. Taco Bell? Not healthy enough. Ruth’s Chris? Too fancy. The Clink Cymru…complete with delicious cuisine prepared by inmates???? WTH?! This is just what’s about to happen at Cardiff Prison in Wales, UK. Award-winning chef Alberto Crisci. All dishes are prepared and served by inmates…inside the prison. Gone are the days of nasty prison food. These inmates have skills in the kitchen and are ready to prove it to willing customers.

Here’s what Alberto Crisci had to say about this risky business: “We want to try and stand on our own two feet as a dining experience and be seen not as competition by other restaurants, but as a sort of recruitment agency so prisoners can go on to find work in quality establishment, develop pride and motivation and provide well for themselves and their families.” The mantra of the restaurant is quality food, with no gimmicks. The Clink Cymru will have its grand opening exactly one week from today on September 19, 2012. It will be fully staffed with 30 inmates who will be paid £14 (Approximately $22.50) for a 40 hour work week. Oddly enough, sex offenders are the only inmates not allowed to seek employment here. But those who are eligible must have between 6 and 18 months left to serve on their sentence. The Clink is actually the second restaurant of its kind after HMP (Her Majesty’s Prison Service) High Down in Surrey.

Several red flags were raised when I first read this article. First of all, people can deal with an open secret, but how many people will really go to a restaurant where they know for sure prisoners are serving their food? More than likely, murderers, thieves, and sex offenders have all served us food at a restaurant before, but we really don’t know so that makes it easier to deal with. After all, everyone deserves a second chance right? But what happens if one of the workers gets upset and decides to take a knife to a customer??? The inmates are chosen as Category D, those least likely to escape or pose high risks. Hmmm…. Plus, even though a world renown chef owns the place, how much training has been done to make sure the employees can actually cook? Surely, Alberto Crisci isn’t preparing all the meals himself.

The Clink Cymru will only be open for breakfast and lunch. I’m sure dinner wasn’t an initial thought, since the night could provide an easier getaway for prisoners. Could you see yourself eating dinner at a restaurant like this?