The Weakest Link



My brother, my brother

Look what you do

We down in the gutter

So we look up to you

Just pushin, just pushin

That death on the streets

My brother, oh brother

You are the weakest link

My sister, my sister

Look at your face

Flying without wings

Inner beauty erased

Don’t tell me, don’t tell me

That’s all you can be

My sister, oh sister

You are the weakest link

My teacher, my teacher

Look what you feed

You give no motivation

Why should we feel the need

Just going, just going

Through the motions

Can’t you see

My teacher, oh teacher

You are the weakest link

Who’s pointing, Who’s pointing

I look at myself

Sometimes the space is you

Not somebody else

Reflections, reflections

Now what do I see

Who’s pointing, who’s pointing

The weakest link is me

His children, His children

We never seem to listen

For we know not the extent

Of the blessings we’re missing

Now His children, His children

What would you say?

What would you think?

If He told you, He told you

Depart from me, my child

You are the weakest link, GOODBYE!

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