I’m tired of going unnoticed

Not for lights and recognition

But mutual dedication is

What always seems to be missing

I’m tired of you hiding

Behind these walls

Show yourself and speak your mind

If you really got balls

Tired of analyzing so much

Even when I’m right

Sometimes it is a luxury

To live a crazy person’s life

Tired of making something out of nothing

And nothing out of something

Unbeknownst to me, it just wears me down

You think you know

But you have no idea

What stands before you is just

The tip of the iceberg

I’m tired of wasting time and space

So let’s avoid repetition

And move expeditiously

I’m tired and when you look

You’ll probably see it in my eyes

Battle scars of a war

In my own state of mind

I’m running low on fuel and

Peace is $30 a gallon

But this time it’s different

Because if I have to

Push myself through the traffic

Just so I can sleep at night

But for now I’ll take a nap

While I’m at the red light

6 thoughts on “Tired

  1. This one is so profound, it just gave me chills!! OMG! I hear the message! And, what a way to deliver it! You are MAGNIFICENT in your display of this God-given talent!! ONWARD AND UPWARD, MY MAN!!!

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