What The People Want

The people want me to be more proper like

So I so eloquently changed my diction

Not to mention my appearance

They say they want me to

Take off my glasses because it

Makes me look a bit too nerdy

They say I would look better with

The beard, rather than the goatee

Shave off my hair

Cause the bald look is more becoming of me

Now they are sick of me being proper

And think I should roughen up my edges

Add a gold tooth, wear my pants around my ankles

The people say they want me to

Speak about sex, bitches, tricks, foes and hoes

 Money and cars

You know how it goes,

The people say they don’t want to think

Or read between any lines

The people barely want to read

Maybe that is a contributing factor to their demise

The people say I should be versatile

And change with the wind

So, the people talked and the people laughed

The people gathered near and far

To witness the debacle they created

Their formula to birth a star

The people vanished one by one

Over time and far between

The people left no traces of

Intelligent or innovative beings

I look to my left

Then I look to my right

Damn, glad I never listened to the people

If I did, I would never be able to sleep at night

10 thoughts on “What The People Want

    • LMAO!!! You got me rolling with the BOOM! It’s actually directed at no one in particular. Just mainly talking about how listening to people all the time will just have you constantly changing and never satisfied with yourself if you let them.

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