You Showed Me


Thank you for your hate

It just made me love harder

Thank you for your doubt

It just gives me more fuel

To overcome these obstacles

And show you who’s the fool

Thank you for your negativity

It just builds for my success

Thank you for your lies

That just brought the truth to light

Thank you for the heartaches

It just made my skin thicker

Thanks for the betrayal

That made me take a second look

And understand the reality that you

Were never a real friend in my book

Thank you for your envy, jealousy and rage

You just let me know you’re not content

Within yourself

Maybe you should do you

And not somebody else

Thank you for those who said

That I was nothing

Pay attention, you got a customer

In the drive through coming

The same things you thought

Would drown me are keeping me afloat

The rocks you threw to crush me with

Are now my stepping stones

All you did was show me how

To survive in a den full of snakes

The victory wouldn’t be as sweet

If it didn’t come with a little pain

Thanks for showing me the way…..

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