Bad Love, Good Love, True Love by Tammie Henry


I’ve had the bad Love

The unappreciated Love

The unreturned Love

The make you sad Love

The wish I had walked the other way Love

The no good nothing will come of this Love


I’ve had the good Love

The make you want to laugh Love

The make you want to tell everyone Love

The make you want to dance Love

The I think something is going to come of this Love


But I never had the True Love

The I need someone to pinch me Love

The “Oh My God” I don’t want tell anyone cause it may not be real Love

The quiet I just want to watch it grow Love

The I pray I don’t mess this up Love

The get on my knees and say Thank You God for bringing me this Love

The no drama I don’t have to wonder if it’s Love

The I don’t want to be with or think of anybody else Love

The show on your face and in your walk I can’t hide it Love

The walk around with smile on your face you can’t explain it Love

The just the thought of you makes me blush Love

The I don’t have to turn around to know you’re in the room Love

The enchanted, soul mate, amazing, heart fluttering, butterflies in your stomach, soul steering, slow simmering, romantic candlelight burning, warm my body, grown and sexy, yearning for your love Love

Thank you Lord for getting me through the bad Love

Letting me experience the good Love

Because now I recognize TRUE LOVE

6 thoughts on “Bad Love, Good Love, True Love by Tammie Henry

    • Awesome!!!! God is good that he will carry you through the bad Love, allow you to experience good Love, so when True Love comes your way u recognize it without a doubt. Well Done…Tammie!!!

  1. Awesome Poetry!! Everybody goes through this I guess.. The bad love, the good love and the true love.. Cheers!

  2. It made me think of my sweet wife (the last part), earlier attempts at ‘ga-go-she’s-soooo-cool-love’ (the second part), and first round heart break love (the first part). When we make it through parts 1 & 2, part 3 is easy to see.
    You will find love and I found love reading your kind poem!


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