Numb Never Felt So Good


If you feel the need to

You can needle prick my finger

Kick me in the knee

Throw daggers in my back

And roll over my feet

I could walk through

Fire and ice

And never feel the freezing blaze

The tingle of my nerve endings

Has elevated to the highest plane

And now reached a climax

Fizzled out

Hyper sensitivity has given way to

Unbalanced chemistry

This mystery is not worth cracking

So I will leave it unsolved

I could write the script on

What your next line will be

So save it

I don’t need your

Pathetic soliloquies

It is under me

It has smothered me

It has surrounded me

And now it’s free from me….YOU

After so long I’ve made myself numb

No longer succumbed

To your predictable cycle

There’s no feeling left

I’m done and numb never felt so good

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