Content, that’s what we are

Little do we know

We create our own invisible scars

That’s why we as a people

Will never rise

Until we remove

Until we remove

Until we remove

The veil of excuses

From our eyes

We settle for less

Not knowing we’re the best

Lazy mentalities have put

So many of us to rest

We complain

We cry

We criticize

And we wine

All the while

Sitting on our butts

Eroding away the time

Time that could be used successfully

Is instead thrown away so destructively

And at the end of the day

We must realize

We create our own catastrophes

5 thoughts on “Content

  1. hum, not all people may think about this but you are right however people go through a state of lazzyness because of anxiety or numerous things involved. Check back at my blog I’m still working on the paragraphs they were just a starting point to launch an essay. 🙂

  2. Like The Calm, its symbolizes we people we cry always, we complain too much, we create ourselves catastrophes, we criticize no thanks where possible all we find is wrong, let’s be calm and learn to appreciate, let’s learn to realize and differentiate between good and bad. Let’s learn to be fighters and become winners and accept mistakes where possible. Thank you

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