Inside Your Mirror

If I were your mirror

I would want you to carry me around

So you can take me out whenever we’re too busy to see each other

I’d be there to tell you I liked the first outfit better

And tell you that you look

Beautiful when you first get out of bed

I would show you the way

I see you everyday

In a light with brilliance, intelligence, and elegance

And when you need to get away

I could pull you in with me where no one

Could find us, where we could be lost in love

I would show you that you would never

Have to worry if I’m still happy…..

Because your reflection would show what’s in my heart

I would stand by you in times of doubt, trouble and fear

And reflect rays of hope and understanding

I would show you how you’ve changed my life

And made me a better man

I would tell you that I’d never want to walk

The streets of life holding anyone else’s hand…

2 thoughts on “Inside Your Mirror

  1. On this very special day I wanted to tell you how much I truely love this poem… 2 years from when you wrote it and I still get chocked up when I read it.

    Happy Anniversary!

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