Fools (Me or You)

Wisdom once told me
To never argue with fools
Because people from a distance
Can’t tell who is who
So I used my better judgment
Although I am only made of flesh
The task seems achievable enough
Until you are put to the test
The woman staying in an abusive relationship
Never knowing her self worth and the
Cowardly man who is the pusher for her addictive hurt…
Which one is you? Which one is me?
What deciphers, from a distance, who the fool should be?
Gruesome violence in a vengeful
Moment of malice
Was it really worth it to have
Your soul turn calloused?
Which one are you? Which one am I?
What will the verdict be after I testify?
Getting caught up in devilish snares
Following the wrong paths
Listening to the wrong voice
Again, I wonder…..which one is me? Which one is you?
Who will be the one to play the fool?
Maybe it is both, maybe one removed
Maybe one reformed or the outsider too.
What will people say when they turn to look at you?
Will it be so easy to recognize a wise man from a fool?

7 thoughts on “Fools (Me or You)

  1. your work is beautiful I might add. I just wanted to let you know I had to write down in a journal what I wanted to write for a month and then if I wanted to add more information, I decided to do it. I’ll finish with just saying that I’m putting the pieces together one step at at time. apparently someone liked my post so that is good news indeed. i’m now active with my post so I would love to chat with you about my work if your interested?

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