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Hidden Costs To Be The Boss

Me at 24 years old.

I first noticed it when I was 25 years old. I didn’t want to do it….after all I was only a quarter of century old. Isn’t this something I should be going through years down the line? But something eventually had to be done. I was dang near headed to be the Hair Club for Men President…or at least the Parliamentarian, LOL. When I started seeing pictures of myself with my head tilted back and I already looked bald, I told myself, “Ok Carlos, you know what you need to do”. After over a year of debating, I decided to go for it. I remember sitting in the barber chair and my barber asking me, “You ready? This is it!” I said, “Yeah, I’m good….Wait!” I sat there for a minute and then just told him to cut my hair off, lol. It was already almost gone anyway. What was the point of holding on?

As I was getting my hair shaved, I started getting excited about how much money I was going to save. Getting my hair cut every 2 weeks was $20 a pop, plus tip. So I was looking at potentially saving $45-$50 a month. Yeah….this shaved head thing won’t be so bad after all. Plus it was so hot outside that Summer, so I was glad to feel any kind of cool breeze on my head. Then the reality set in. After getting tips from multiple friends, family members and my barber, it was time for me to shave my own head….only 3 days later! I thought I was balding…why was my hair growing so fast!? I started thinking I may have gotten in over my head on this one. After a few bloody massacres, I eventually was able to shave my head without getting too many nicks, lol.

But there’s one thing nobody told me….RAZORS ARE EXPENSIVE!!! The razor I use, the Schick Hydro 5, costs $10.94 at Wal Mart for a 4 pack refill. I shave my head and face all at once, so I can only use each razor twice before it gets dull. WTH?! So that means every 8-10 days or so, I’m back in the store buying another refill. So in a month’s time, I’ve gone through almost 3 refills which….only a few dollars cheaper than my regular hair cuts were…SMH. Not to mention trying to grow a beard or sideburns. Unless you have a very steady hand with a straight razor and great clipping skills, you may come out with a lopsided trail of hair across your jawbone. Aaagghhh….so that leaves it up to a professional to do. Which costs about $15. WTH?! Got to be more careful….

My favorite shaving cream, from The Body Shop

Ok, so maybe I didn’t really calculate all the costs associated with going bald, lol. Nevertheless, I still enjoy it and other than the days I have to shave in the morning, I just get up and go. And maybe I didn’t realize all of the tedious effort that goes into shaving, but unless I want to look like a wolf, it has to get done, lol. I know I’m not alone here….you may laugh now but I know  you have a situation where you didn’t quite count up all the costs. True, mine is more visible, lol….but we’ve all been there before. So let’s hear your story….

Flashback to the G Spot

If you got a chance to check out last Thursday’s post, “Catch Me On The G Spot Tonight!” then you know I had an announcement to make. I was featured on DFWiRadio’s Thursday night G Spot segment with Jasira and Ty. I had an awesome time and got a chance to meet some awesome writers and get reacquainted with others. There’s nothing like being in your element and being surrounded by like-minded people who share the same passions and interests as you do.

So in case you missed it, here it is…….your ticket to the G Spot and checking out last week’s show. Make sure to tune in to the new segment of  the G Spot tonight at, 7:00pm CST. The G is for Groove….

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Think Like A Man…Act Like A Fool

In case you didn’t know, comedian/actor/author Steve Harvey has released his new movie, “Think Like A Man” which is based on his book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. I haven’t seen the movie, but those that have seen it say it’s pretty good. Kudos to him and he’s probably thinking like a millionaire all the way to the bank (the movie was #1 its opening weekend, pulling in $33 million), lol. But I’m not here to talk about Steve Harvey or relationships today….well, at least not directly.

On Monday, NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders tweeted to  390,000 + followers, “Pray for me and my kids now! They just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She’s going to jail n I’m pressing charges!” WTH?! Say it ain’t so….this can’t be true. It’s bad enough to tweet your personal business (more than likely in an attempt to gain attention), but why get your kids involved in that?! Again…WTH?! Pilar, Deion Sanders estranged wife and now WWE wrestling candidate, has some explaining to do too though. If he didn’t hit you, why are you jumping him???? But more importantly, why do people feel the need to put their personal business on social media forums? Some things just should not be share for all of the world to see. I’m just saying…

Then there’s Nicki Minaj….the classic case of removing social media outlets in efforts to gain attention. After what seems like disappointment behind lackluster album sales, she has decided to delete her Twitter account that had over 11 million followers.  She reportedly did this because she’s sick of all the buzz behind her selling out and becoming a pop artist. Somebody please let me know when these people have real problems in their lives….SMH. I’m sure with the headache over selling out or not, comes a fat check. Hmmm….so is this supposed to make everyone rush out to get the CD?? It seems like people these days are following the mantra, “All publicity is good publicity”.  But that doesn’t work for everyone… Nicki Minaj’s whole image is built on shock value, so she would have to do something pretty drastic in her personal life to drum up major sales….but again, I’m just saying… In a recent interview with UK radio host Tim Westwood, where she refers to herself in 3rd person as “the kid”, she says, “”People aren’t even giving the kid props for taking it back to the essence. This is my fourth mixtape, really. The kid did like that so she could feed her fans. But really, now the kid is thinking maybe she should leave the game.” Who the heck is the kid?!?! Nonsense….

The point of it all is why air out your dirty laundry in the media? True we all have it…but don’t all want to smell it. Keep some things private…everybody doesn’t need to know everything. And deleting Facebook and Twitter accounts to gain attention may not be the best way to go either. You’ll feel even worse if you do and no one begs you back….just a thought. So what are your thoughts on it? Do you think Twitter and Facebook users have gotten too outrageous with their posts, status updates, Tweets and Twit pics? What should these outlets really be used for? WTH is really going on…

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Confessions: Let’s Talk About The Truth…

Many people say confession is good for the soul. But some of us don’t want to talk about it because we may be afraid of the truth. So I’ll start off with myself and tell you what’s on my mind….

Some of you may know that I am a contributor to another website called Christian Bloggers Cafe (  CBC is basically a Christian based site that includes daily original blogs, CD reviews, meditations, featured gospel music and book reviews. It is truly a one stop shop to give you the spiritual boost you need to get through the day. I am one of the contributing members, but sad to say we are ending the site right at its 1 year anniversary. We have had a great run and covered a multitude of topics through our blogs, which have blessed many people. So what’s next? I’m so glad you asked. Here’s a look into what the other 3 contributing members have coming on the horizon. Make sure to check them out!

Confessions with Shana-Lee

Shana-Lee Dixon is launching an exciting advice column titled “Confessions With Shana-Lee”, which is launching next month. is a wonderful new advice newsletter that will feature answers to everyday questions ranging from relationships and spirituality. There will also be a website released in conjunction with the newsletter that will feature inspiring blogs, weight loss tips, praise reports, and book reviews. Make sure you sign up for Shana-Lee’s mailing list at Make sure to reach out to her to submit the questions you need advice on and check out her tips on everyday life as well!

Let’s Talk 

Tammie Henry has an excellent new vlog which you can find on YouTube called “Let’s Talk”! The vlog is a new endeavor that Tammie has already released that discussed such topics as natural hair, weight loss, fashion and relationships. Make sure to check out her videos and comment on what your views are on her hot topics. Make sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel “Talk2TLady75”. She will also have a website launching soon to go along with the YouTube vlog. In the meantime, make sure you check out one of her latest videos on natural hair below. For more information, email her at

The Truth Bowl

John Patrick Adams, who is also an amazing Christian songwriter (check out his website, There’s some great gospel music on his site that you’re sure to enjoy. He is also launching a new wave of discussion that’s exploding on YouTube, called “The Truth Bowl” next month. You submit your questions, and the The Truth Bowl gives you the raw, honest answers! Make sure you check out the website,, for more information and sign up for the mailing list. You can also subscribe to “TruthBowl” on YouTube and check out the test pilots for the site.  Lastly, if you’re on the go and want the latest updates to The Truth Bowl in the palm of your hands, then click on the following link to get the free Truth Bowl app!!

Clocking In and Going Off (In The Workplace)

I recently read an article in USA today about workplace pet peeves and common mistakes. I agreed with pretty much everything on the list, including loud mouthed coworkers and nasty kitchen etiquette. Who likes to hear a personal phone call of a coworker arguing with their spouse? Or what about the person that coughs all over the microwave? After reading this article, I was inspired to create my own list of personal workplace pet peeves that make me want to go off after clocking in. Check out my top 5 WTH?! workplace pet peeves, and feel free to add yours too. These are in no specific order.

1.  Do You Have A Second?

So I’m just walking in and have to go to the restroom because I just downed 2 bottles of water. But of course, I have drop my things off at my desk, then put my food in the refrigerator all before I make it to the restroom. Then here you are standing in my cube as I’m about to walk out of it saying, “Hey, do you have a sec?” Well, let’s see, my lunch is in my hand, my computer’s not even on yet and my keys are at the corner of my desk. Sure, I have a sec! SMH…that really burns me up for real. Now I can maybe (but not really) see if there’s a major issue going on, but in these situations it’s usually something that can wait until tomorrow.

2. Watch Where You’re Going…

So, I’m walking down the hall, headed who knows where at the moment. Then out of nowhere….boom!!! Well not really but it could have been. Somebody stops just short enough to not have knocked the imaginary cup of coffee (which I can’t stand to drink, lol) out of my hand and all over my shirt. But hey, it’s ok…cause everybody’s in a rush right???? We all have deadlines, meetings, and last-minute conference calls to tend to, but shouldn’t you maybe say excuse me if you’re the one that almost bumped into me? Why do I get the dumbfounded look I bumped into you??? I’m just saying.

3. No Tailgating

Don’t you hate it when you’re leaving work and there’s one person or a crowd behind you walking so closely you can just feel them breathing on your neck? So close you can tell they had onions for lunch??? Hey, believe me I’m ready to clock out and head home too just like the rest of us. But can you stop clipping my heels on the way out? Especially if I’m walking on one side of the hall with plenty of room to go around. Next time that happens to you, try this: just stop. Yep, just stop and act like you’re checking your phone or just stop for the fun of it. It will force them to move around….and maybe think twice about they tailgate in the workplace.

4. Outbreak 

It’s one thing to hack and sneeze in the confines of your own cube.  But when I have to sit next to you and say bless you 6 times in 60 seconds, we have a problem. Everyone likes to blame “allergies” but since I can’t tell right now whether this chronic cough or sneeze is the flu, I may need to move my chair down in the meeting room. Even if you have a cold, that’s understandable to an extent…as long as you cover your mouth. But please don’t cough or sneeze, leaving room for the germ sprayer that is your mouth and nose to infiltrate us all.  Sneeze or cough in your sleeve if you have to…or better just use a sick day.

5. Reading Is Fundamental….

This one is more comedic relief than a pet peeve for me, but I thought I’d include it anyway. I just love it when someone gets mad at me on email (remember ALL CAPS means war…don’t start it if you can’t finish it), copies everyone and their boss’s mom and decides to go on a rampage about something they don’t like that I did. You’ve seen it before. They make statements like, “We were NEVER notified of this!!!” Really??? Just scroll down and you’ll see the attached email of my first “notification”. Pure comedy….LOL. That’s when you just respond with an attachment of the original notification….again, since they obviously missed it the first time.

So what are your top pet peeves in the workplace? Feel free to add your own or comment on the ones I’ve listed here with your personal stories.