Bump It Or Dump It? Sorry…Don’t Push My Style That Way

No Doubt- Push and Shove

26 years in their career, I just bought my first No Doubt CD ever. I’ve always been a fan of their singles, but for some reason, never bought any of their CDs. So after enjoying both of Gwen Stefani’s solo CDs, I figured I’d give this one a try. All in all the CD is pretty good, although I do like Gwen Stefani better as a solo artist. But one of the high lights on Push and Shove I the title track. This song (and many of the ones that shine on the CD) has a reggae influence and just so happens to be the 2nd single taken from their new CD.

Kenny Lattimore- Find A Way

I’ve never been a huge Kenny Lattimore fan, but I reviewed this song by request. I have to admit though, this song has a different edge for him that I wasn’t expecting. The vibe here is similar to R & B singer Joe. Although I don’t see this breaking any new ground or major fan base for him, I think it should be getting more airplay than it has been. This is my first time hearing of it, but the song has actually been out since the early part of the Summer. Wonder if this is about his recent divorce from R & B songstress, Chante Moore. Dang, guess Chante doesn’t have a man right now…lol. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Ciara- Sorry

With the exception of a few songs (namely “Promise” and “Like A Boy”), Ciara just hasn’t quite seemed to gain her initial “Goodies” momentum that she first had on her first CD. But never one to give, she has consistently put out a CD about every 2 years. Now, she’s back with a new song. Ironically, the production will put you in the mindset of Promise and she looks amazing in the video. Weird hard-core dancing to a soft beat aside, she seems to really be feeling this song personally. I’m not too sold on the song, but hope it’s a big hit for her.

Psy- Gagnam Style

This is one of those guilty pleasure songs that’s just so stupid, it’s actually good. I have no idea what’s being said here (I need a translator), but this video is hilarious. I first saw it a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop laughing. I think it’s interesting too that the song and its dance are becoming such a worldwide hit, but many of the moves are recycled from similar songs (can’t you see “Jump On It” in here???). But I guess it’s true there’s nothing new under the sun. But I digress…this is a fun song nonetheless and you just can’t be in a bad mood when this is on. Check out the video…it has gotten over 300 million hits on YouTube…yep, you read right.

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