Bump It Or Dump It? The Only Refill of A New Kiss

Maroon 5: Kiss

I recently bought the new CD, Overexposed,  from one of my favorite groups, Maroon 5. After listening to the CD, it was much more pop sounding than I expected (think “Moves Like Jagger” on steroids). But there are some great tracks on here nonetheless. However, one of the songs, “Kiss” (a remake of the old Prince classic) should have been left in the old school vault with lock and key away from Maroon 5. I will give them credit for creating an original sound that is totally different from the original. But that’s also the problem. This song sounds more fitting as background music in Pappadeaux (my favorite restaurant). I’m just really not feeling this one. But who knows, maybe it will grow on me. Make sure to check out my review of the CD as well on the first video above.

Jimmy Needham: The Only One 

I didn’t know who Jimmy Needham was before hearing this song on The Truth Bowl (www.thetruthbowl.com) YouTube Channel.  I quickly took notice to Jimmy Needham’s soulful voice once the song started playing. His singing reminds me of a cross between Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke. “The Only One” is featured on his 5th CD (where have I been all this time…SMH), Clear the Stage. If I hear a couple more songs that are as good as this one, I plan on purchasing it. This gospel song has a soft rock, even slight country feel to it. It’s definitely worth a listen, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Make sure to check out his website too, www.jimmyneedham.com. There’s some interesting blogs on here and other content related to his music.

Elle Varner: Refill

My first time hearing of Elle Varner was on the track, “Only Wanna Give It To You” featuring J Cole. I thought the song was pretty catchy and wondered how Elle Varner seemingly appeared out of thin air. I loved her voice as well. It’s gritty, but light and smooth at the same time. But her new single, “Refill” is the one that really got my attention. The song speaks about comparing that first time meeting with someone to being at a bar getting refills of drinks. The lyrics are clever (“Feelin like a conversational lush/I don’t know how much is too much) and the music is interesting. If you just listen to the production, you would think this is a jazzed up Dixie Chicks song, complete with a recurring banjo playing in the background. Her debut CD, Perfectly Imperfect is set to be released soon.

Alicia Keys: A New Day 

Since her marriage to producer Swizz Beatz and birth of her son in 2010, we haven’t heard much from singer Alicia Keys. It’s been 3 years since the release of her last CD, Element of Freedom. Last week she leaked a new track, called “A New Day”, from her upcoming CDNo word yet on what it will be titled, but the song “A New Day” was produced by her husband, Swizz Beatz. It’s an upbeat track that has a lot of energy. The lyrics are surprisingly a little cliche and uninteresting here though in my opinion. I doubt this will be the first single from her CD. As many songs by Alicia Keys do, I’m sure this one will grow on me.

3 thoughts on “Bump It Or Dump It? The Only Refill of A New Kiss

  1. I said it once and I’ll say it again that kiss song is genius I love it! And that refill song is highly addictive no pun intended, the other 2 songs I’ll have to check out! As always thanks for the musical suggestions 🙂

  2. I don’t know….I just can’t get into that one, lol! I’ll try to listen again and see if it grows on me. Yes, Refill is a really good one and the other 2 are nice too. Thanks for checking out the post!

  3. Hey Carlos! Good reviews. I didn’t know Alicia Keys was set to release another album…I hope she is not curse with the “after baby syndrome”. If you think about all female artists that have babies and when they come back their sales are not the same, Toni Braxton, Brandy, and Monica (well the last two had personal problems too) just to name a few. Just my opinion I may be wrong, LOL I just heard Elle Varner song “Refill” on the radio the other day. I loved it! I never heard of her before until I realized she was on the BET Awards last year as one of the new upcoming artist. I can’t wait for her album.

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