“Band Aids” Never Last

For those that have recently followed my blog and may not know, I released a book of poetry last year called Blurred Vision (you can purchase a copy here on my website). I’m really getting excited about my second book though, which I won’t reveal the name of just yet. I’ll just say that it has something to do with seeing more clearly after the “Blurred Vision” has passed. But it will be released during the first half of next year. Here’s one of the poems that will be included in my new book, called “Band Aid”. The poem speaks about how we often put temporary fixes on issues that need more attention than just a quick band-aid. Let me know what you think!

Band Aid

You cannot ignore what

You are not willing to fix

The raw meat of the issue

Lies strategically betwixt your temporary solutions

And your conscience

This conjunction is a conundrum

Much more complicated than a catch 22

Cause that can easily be

Caught, conquered and split in 2

Unlike this crass bag of disaster

That leaves me flat on my ass

After deep thoughts cannot divide

Happy moments cannot subtract enough

To change what’s on the other half

Of the equals sign

It’s time to face what

Can’t be erased

We are soldiers strapped for war

Ironically marching in place

With patches over skin

Like quilted tapestry

Trying to heal wounds

Soul sunken deep

Band aids alone were never meant

To cure your issues

They just help block out extra debri…

For a little while

So rip it off

Even if it comes with

A little skin

You’ll do yourself more of a favor

Than that band-aid ever did

4 thoughts on ““Band Aids” Never Last

  1. Awesome, awesome poem!! It is yet another wonderfully amazing piece of your literary brain that the world has been blessed with! I absolutely love it!! The message is deep and profound! I only wish that all of the world that needs to read this could cast their eyes on the message and infuse it into their life! Many more of us need this than the few that realize they do! Love it!

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